Dolar A swept surface which maintains constraints assigned for the profile sketch with guide curve. Similarly, it is best to use angle constraints rather than tangency or perpendicularity constraints, to avoid changes in the sketch orientation as it is swept along the guiding curve. You are commenting using your Twitter account. So one can simply state that the profile shape have been modified ignoring the constraints applied! Figures below state the rest. XY plane Guide curve 2 sketch….

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Mozuru Contextual commands are available on this field. So there are still two lines left in the sketch so that it can adjust with the guide curves. Written by Sahaj Panchal. For instance, with the apparently similar sketch only its construction differs, but there f5 a coincidence constraint between the sketch extremity and the point on the guiding cztia you can obtain the following results: Select the end point of the guiding curve to create another section.


please tell me about ADAPTIVE SWEEP IN CATIA V5 R16 with a suitable example

Dur Keep one thing in mind however, if the guide curve or the surface is a multi-cell element, you need to create a Join feature first and then use them, otherwise error would not be far away. Keep visiting for more. The Parent field becomes current and is filled in with the parent to be replaced. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: XY plane — can be any other plane adzptive well Make sure that the profile is intersecting with the guide curves, otherwise you have to define the intersection manually while creating the swept surface as anchor points. Images are for illustration only and, obviously, you can create your own sketches instead on those cattia here. The system automatically loads the Sketcher workbench, and provided the correct option is active, sets the sketch plane saeep to the screen.

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