FastCGI i. It starts sufficient number of instances of CGI to handle concurrent web requests. It also uses suexec to support different users with their own instances of PHP and improves web security. Apache can also handle ruby files through FastCGI.

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FastCGI i. It starts sufficient number of instances of CGI to handle concurrent web requests. It also uses suexec to support different users with their own instances of PHP and improves web security. Apache can also handle ruby files through FastCGI. You can also install apache passenger and configure Apache to use it for serving ruby pages. A hacker can use this information to launch an attack using the publicly available vulnerabilities in the particular version of the server or OS.

Restart apache services with following command. It is a third party module that detects Dos attack and prevents the attack from doing as much damage as it would do if left to run its course. It could be downloaded here. It also prevents the web server from brute force attacks. The value could be set anything from 0 to 2 GB i. Three directives available in apache config file i.

TransferLog: Creating a log file. LogFormat : Specifying a custom format. CustomLog : Creating and formatting a log file. TransferLog directive is available in the apache configuration file and it rotates virtual host log files as per set parameters.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can enable them by editing the apache configuration file i. User-agent is the browser identification string. Combined Log generated by Apache: It needs to be specified in the virtual host section of the config file.

You can see below mentioned virtual host configuration, generated log will be custom for that virtual host and the format will be combined.

Configure your very first Production Web Sever 1. The Web Server must have a direct network connection and a staticIP address configured on it. It needs to have all the modules required for running web pages. It also needs to have a good Antivirus application configured and running for securing the Web Server from Malware or Virus attacks.

If you have hundreds of domains to be hosted on your web server, you must have to implement limitations on file system quota for each domain, number of databases each domain can create, number of email accounts per domain etc. If your web server has been setup for shared hosting services, users on your web server needs to be restricted.

Apache does not provide any such functionality and needs different third party applications, customization of OS to achieve this. If you are adding a new domain on your web server, it needs editing hundreds of configuration file to enable all features for the added domain. If one of the hosted domains requires different PHP setting than rest of the domains, implementing this in core Apache web server is very complex and needs customization of your web server in great extent.

A production web server needs a firewall to block unwanted traffic that could cause high load on your server. A production web server requires several different applications like Email, FTP for file upload, Domain Name System for parked domains.

So, one can say that managing a web server for multiple domains is very complex task and requires editing hundreds of configuration file, customizing each application to fulfill the desired result.

Troubleshooting any miss configuration will be very difficult for beginners. The Solution using Cpanel or similar software Cpanel provide a graphical way of managing your web server. It is meant to provide mass hosting services that is easy to use and configure.

It makes complex task easier, it provides many useful and easy to use web interfaces that perform common system administration tasks required to operate a web server.

If you have to recompile your web server i. It provides a lot of scripts that fixes, install and troubleshoot common administrative tasks.

It provides a backup and restore functionality eliminating the need to manually copy files to backup storage. If you are backing up your domain, cPanel will create a tar file that will contain document root folder, email accounts and mails, ftp accounts, databases, DNS records and other applications. It also provides a robust documentation, andhas a very big community of users where you could discuss and get solution of your issues.

So, one can say that cPanel is a best application for managing your web server with required features. It provides you, easy to use interface for managing your domain and a mechanism to avoid complexity of managing core Web Server.


Apache Tutorials for Beginners

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The Apache Directory™ Project


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