JoJojinn They knew how to live. Please do not send enquiries to our email address as we do not monitor the mailbox regularly. If he is, then his books are undoubtedly worth knowing. Listing powered by AusReseller app engine.

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Zulkirn These forms were practically invented by pre-Socratic Greek philosophers and mastered by French moralists. According to this doctrine, we never know things as they are, but only as they appear to be.

If he is, then his books are undoubtedly worth knowing. The externals of their lives could not be more different. Wildr Nietzsche we have the philosopher as performance artist, communicating in jokes, riddles, parables, poems, songs or aphorisms. One was a celebrated wit and dramatist, the other a reclusive philosopher who lived and wrote in relative obscurity; yet to varying extents and with varying results, both thought of themselves as poets.

Please do not pay before receiving the combined invoice otherwise eBay will charge multiple Shipping and Handling fees. The Twin Souls of Oscar Wilde and Friedrich Nietzsche Opposed to mandatory moral law, it was for stylistic reasons that both borrowed Biblical thunder and cadences, Nietzsche for ZarathustraWilde in Salomeadapting religious phraseology to suit their peculiar temperaments.

Our customer support team is here for xphorismes For he spoke as he wrote: In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak: This is our commitment to you as a professional and responsible business. Or in Twilight of the Idols he puts it this way: Beyond style, there were personal struggles, and personas fraying. Thus as agents of regeneration who live on in us, their currency renews their value, rendering them, at the very least, as relevant today as they wildee over a century ago.

He exercises it who surveys all that his nature presents in strength and weakness and then moulds it to an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason, and even the weaknesses delight the eye. Please choose carefully as AusReseller does not accept return of goods if you change your mind or made a wrong decision. They both retained to a high degree the childlike faculties of wonder, joy, and belief in the impossible.

For any questions please feel free to contact us! As master stylists, they possibly both wrote too well for their own good, allowing themselves to be maddened by their own music ocsar intoxicated with their own verbosity. Add my Store to your Favourites and receive my email newsletters about new items and special promotions! Aphorismes — Oscar Wilde Mille et une nuits Publish date: As extremists, both recognized that extremes are closer to one another than the middle path of moderation which so eluded them.

What is the value of this man, is he interesting, or not? To combine postage, after adding all the items in aphorisms shopping cart, please send us a message to request for combined invoice. For any questions, feel free to contact us. Wilde too was riddled with warring impulses. He plays with everything: Ultimately, these questing spirits, interrogating traditional answers concerning how we live and what we think we know, widle both philosophers in the Socratic sense, in that they raised more questions than they answered.

Returns Policy Please choose carefully as AusReseller does not accept return of goods if you change your mind or made a wrong decision. We will answer your enquiries via eBay messages within 2 business days. If you have any concerns as to the authenticity of the item listed on this page please contact us. You can read four articles free per month. Questions of right or wrong are seldom applicable in the aphogismes intellectual spheres… We are not children in search of instruction, but sceptics in search of men.

Wilde shared in this playful philosophy which advocated exuberance, buoyancy and a sustaining sunny humor. Payment policy Payment is expected within 3 days of the sale. We do not intentionally sell counterfeit items.

Aphorismes — Oscar Wilde eBay Certainly they are interesting, whether or not they were right or wrong. AusReseller will aphorksmes goods for return if the goods are found to be defective oscra of unacceptable quality. We can provide an Australian tax invoice inclusive of GST on request.

Paradoxically, despite their almost aggressive individualism, both viewed the self as something to be mistrusted or feared, and sought to transcend the personal and dissolve or diffuse their personalities through the deployment of masks.

Highly attuned as they were to the musicality of words, they may at times have permitted style to dictate content, or to eclipse substance. Profoundly antagonistic to what was most profoundly related to him, Nietzsche denounced loudly what was deeply rooted in him and what he possessed in excess, namely: If you buy more than one items, the total shipping cost will only be highest shipping cost among all your purchased items.

It is worthwhile to note that they both held inordinately high views of these works. Rather, in our age skeptical of absolutes and susceptible to a plurality of interpretations, we consider them contemporaries whose experiments xphorismes values mirror our own. That is hard to know, but he would still have cut a dashing figure in the annals of both aphorksmes and psychology, and had at least a niche beside modern philosophers too, judging by the controversy beginning to surround his name during his last pre-collapse year.

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