Pray that he protects the world with all its living and nonliving things in the constantly changing times. The herbs, plants and creepers provide beautiful flowers and tasty fruits. Pray that he protects the world with all its living and nonliving things in the constantly changing times 3. This section details more on the construction of human body and its physiology. Accessing the higher intelligence 1.

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Ask a question About The Author Dr. He is the recipient of many International awards. He is the receipient of Karnataka Rajyotsava Award He has authored more than research articles of which are published in scholarly journals and the rest were presented at conferences. He has guided above 50 doctoral students. He has written extensively on Veda. He has translated all the 20, mantra-s from all the four Veda-s. They are published in 24 Volumes. This is a major step. Especially Taittiriya Aranyaka deals with several important Rik mantra-s such as those in the Purusha Sukta, the inner yajna and others.

Thus we planned to translate the entire Taittiriya Aranyaka into English first. TA in all has ten Prashna-s or Prapathaka-s , of which the last four, constitute the Upanishads, Taittiriya and Mahanarayana or Yajniki. Thus the Aranyaka proper has 6 Prashna-s.

If we made one book of all these six Prashna-s, the book would have more than pages and thus would be unwieldy. Thus the translation would be in 2 volumes. The topics in t he Prashna-s four and five are close to one another; thus the translation of these two Prashna-s would be in one volume, which will be labelled as volume 2 by us.

It will have about pages. The translations of the remaining four Prahna-s one through three and six constitute the volume one, this book. We will give brief description of the contents of these 4 Prashna-s of volume. The detailed overviews of these 4 Prashana-s are give elsewhere.

The first Prashna usually called as Aruna or Sun has 32 anuvaka-s. It has several anuvaka-s adoring the waters or the dynamical energies; It has the well-known anuvaka 22 entitled Mantra Pushpa. Anuvaka 25 specifically mentions the golden icon of Purusha placed on lotus leaves, indicating the worship of the deities through icons even in the vedic times. The second Prashna with its 20 anuvaka-s has Brahmana or prose passages and some Rik mantra-s.

It is very useful because it gives details of many topics which we only hear during the rituals, such as the five yajna-s, ways of wearing sacred thread, importance of self-study svadhyaya , unpaid debts and others. The third Prashna with its 21 anuvaka-s has mostly mantra-s. It has the Purusha sukta and details of inner yajna. The sixth Prashna is called as Pitr-Medha, understanding the role of ancient fathers.

It has 12 anuvaka-s. It is regarded as dealing with the funeral rites. But this is not correct. It has at least 50 mantra-s from Rig Veda.

It offers a philosophical view of the journey undertaken by the departed one after shedding the physical body. There is no mention of hells or punishment. The anuvaka 19 of Prashna one mentions the 4 naraka-s or hells. The anuvaka 15 of Prashna 3 deals with mrthyu or death. Thus these 4 Prashna-s are interrelated.

The prashna-s four and five which are in volume 2 deal with Pravargya; the word pravargya is mentioned in TA 1.

Using extensive symbolism, it deals with the topic of rejuvenation of all the three bodies of the yajna-performer. Each Prashna is divided into several anuvaka-s. Each Anuvaka is a long passage with no punctuation.

Prashna one has 32 anuvaka-s. The text of all the anuvaka-s is same in all editions. For purposes of translation, each anuvaka is divided into several chunks, each having about twenty syllables. Each chunk is called a verse. Sometimes a verse could be an entire rik mantra in RV or TS. However it is not correct to label the verse as a mantra. If we add all the verses in the anuvaka-s of Prashna one, we get the total number of verses in Prashna one.

In our book, the prashna one has verses, Prashna 2 has verses, Prashna 3 has verses and Prashna 6 has verses, thus the first volume has a total of 85 anuvaka-s and a total verses. The number of verses in a anuvaka varies from verse to verse. There are many anuvaka-s with just one verse, such as anuvaka 17 through 21 of Prashna 3. Anuvaka 3. There are three anuvaka-s with 23 verses. Note that the number of verses in an anuvaka may vary slightly from edition to edition.

Some may split a long verse into 2 verses.


Aruna Prashna – అరుణ ప్రశ్నః



Surya Namaskara Mantra Service (Aruna Prasna)





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