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Overnight Pirith ceremony held at our residence on 03 Nov. It is around 7 hours long and good to listen it overnight. Your browser does not support the audio element. The recording quality is poor, but I tried my best to filter it and make it of better quality.

From the age of about two, before he could read or write , he spontaneously started to chant the ancient Buddhist scriptures in the original pali language , known only to a few scholar monks. On the Poya or lunar Observance day, he would sometimes chant for two hours. The monk verified that it was indeed the ancient pali language and the boy were chanting it in an ancient style which no longer existed in world. Ananda requests help from the Lord Buddha because Ven. Girimananda had become very ill.

The Lord Buddha teaches the ten contemplations to Ven. Ananda and tells him to go and pass them to Ven. Girimananda that he might be cured. And this was what happened. Maha Kassapa who was suffering from a painful illness and finding that the illness is improving teaches him the seven factors of enlightenment Bhojjhanga.

The Ven. Maha Kassapa delights in this teaching and is cured. This also occurred when. Maha Moggallana and Ven. MahaCunda are ill. Omalpe Sobitha Thero This is high quality sound suttha chanted by ven.

Omalpe Sobitha Thero. Because of the high quality, the file sizes are large. Download all 4 mp3 files.

700 CF400D PDF

සර්ව රාත්‍රික පරිත්‍රාන ධර්ම දේශනාව



kanda piritha


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