Помимо частотной коррекции, осуществляемой при помощи классического полосного набора фейдеров, и настраиваемой фильтрации технических шумов, устройство имеет функцию устранения акустической обратной связи, инструментарий для калибровки аудиосистемы под акустику помещения, а также управляемые лимитеры. Профессиональные малошумящие коннекторы обеспечивают чрезвычайно низкие уровни потерь и искажений сигнала. Для настройки усиления частот используются фейдеры, амплитуда которых переключается между 6 и 12 дБ. Устройство может легко и удобно использоваться как простой анализатор — для этого в него интегрирована система детектирования частот обратной связи FBQ.

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I use a sound system with low range and is perfect for me. I have not tried the other model but considering the price and quality, I do it again this choice without hesitation. It also possde limiter per channel which can rgler rduction the magnitude of the gain "threshold" no other rglages for the limiter, 4 LEDs indicate the work of the limiter. Gnrateur a pink noise will make the legalization of rglages using a spectrum analyzer.

The equalizer also has a subwoofer output and a knob rglant the level of this output. In conventional operating mode of each fader strip possde a red LED that lets you know we put o fingers in the dark. So for the DTECT frquence that causes arsen just push a little microphone and the gain of the master. At the onset of feedback from the LED fader frquence causing the feedback, begins to shine more than others that trs net.

Just then the attnuer frequencies. Of course we can not always eliminate completely the feedback but it can considerably delay its coming. Level connections are the entries in 6. The unit is rack-mount, in fact it is possible to dvisser the two steel plates cahque ct DSIR if you do not use rack and save space.

The long stroke faders allows greater precision at dtriment congestion, 2U. The book is about him trsrduit a few pages but adequate and clear.

When the device saturates must rush to lower the level of clicks to avoid strong, fortunately the limiter should avoid this kind of dsagrements, it works quite effectively and fawn with a rglage one very quick set up. I can not really comment on the sound quality of the device as a given that my Systm sound quality is pretty bad and I could not compare with other products equivalents. I love the design and reporting quality behringer price is really excellent.

In short a good product for those who do not wish to make a fortune in this type of equipment but all the same who seek something serious.


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