Tapi, itu tidak menghapusnya sebagai karya yang menyatukan seks dan mistik. Ilustrasi: Micha Rainer Pali. Dia lahir dari rahim keraton Solo. Tiga pujangga keraton ditunjuk untuk membantunya. Kerja keempatnya menghasilkan karya setebal 4.

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The school grew and became famous as a center of Muslim teaching, which gave it political influence in the surrounding region. It attracted learners from multiple societal groups and from regions as far away as Ternate Sultanate.

Giri Kedaton reached the peak of its influence under Sunan Giri Prapen who ruled it from — Sultan Agung of the larger Mataram Sultanate regarded this as a threat, so in he sent an army under his brother-in-law, Pangeran Pekik to capture Giri Kedaton.

Giri Kedaton finally surrendered in The children become separated in the confusion as inhabitants flee the city. They each spend several years wandering around Java, only to be re-united many years later. In the pre-adulthood journey, geographic locations still can be identified on the real-world map.

But in the post-adulthood journeys, the locations become mystical and imaginary, as though in a different realm. Pre-Adulthood journey[ edit ] After fleeing the conquered city the oldest son, Jayengresmi wanders in the southern part of Java and then to its westernmost part. The second son, Jayengsari, and his sister, Rancangkapti, flee to the east, later travelling by ship to central Java. Their journey passes through historic areas including: 1.

Majapahit Kingdom ruins in Trowulan, East Java. Close to the ruins they visit Hindu temples from the same era, such as the Naga and Panataran temples. Medang Kamulan Kingdom, Central Java Medang Kamulan is a semi-mythological kingdom believed to have been in the Purwodadi Grobogan region in the 7th and 8th centuries. Demak was the first kingdom in Java to adopt Islam. It was founded in the 15th century on the north coast of Central Java.

Walisanga Muslims considered Sufism to be heresy. He was executed - which is depicted as mere transition to an incorporeal world. In return his servants are taught the secret of longevity through Puja Dina, a Muslim prayer ritual.

The ruins of its capital are in the present-day region of Bogor. After losing his son it was prophesied that the son of Sunan Giri would come to him and become his son. He adopts Jayengresmi as his son. Journey of Jayengsari and Rancangkapti Jayengsari and Rancangkapti are accompanied by their servant Buras. They visit the sites of old Javanese kingdoms and learn legends.

Its heritage is Temple Singosari and Kidal. Hindu Society in Tengger, Bromo and Semeru mountain. Tengger is a region that still has Hindu religion, even today. Hindu teachings were introduced by a hermit in the Semeru Mountains. Muslim teachings and introduction to celibacy During their journey in Probolinggo they were introduced to several Muslim teachings.

They met a holy maid who taught them the joy of celibacy. Banyuwangi and Ijen Mountain and Blambangan Kingdom Ijen mountain is famous of its tosca color crater. Menak Jinggo would later rebel against its Majapahit rulers. In Banyuwangi, Jayengsari and Rancangkapti would met Ki Hartati, who would become their temporary adopted father. The harbour of Pekalongan Jayengsari and Rancangkapti arrived at Pekalongan and stayed with their adopted parents.

Soon afterwards, Ki Hartati also died. They welcomed the youngsters in delight because their own son, Mas Cabolang, left home for his own interest.

Jayengsari and Rancangkapti were then adopted as their children and stayed with them for the next several years.

His objective is to have his own adventure in order to understand more of the world. Journey throughout Banyumas, Serayu River to Cilacap and the story of Wijayakusuma Flower in Nusakambangan Island Mas Cabolang visited several hermitages throughout Banyumas region which are being described as having beautiful pristine waterfalls which forms the headwaters of Serayu River. The teachings of Islam have been spread throughout the region that the caves were used as a natural structure mosque.

He is being told about the legend of Wijayakusuma Flower. Nusa Kambangan Island is a place where Kresna hide Wijoyosukumo Flower A flower that have the magic of resurrecting the dead. Any Javanese Princes who is about to be crowned, has to dispatch a messenger to the island to retrieve the flower.

In case the deity disagree, the messenger will be swallowed by the south ocean. From on top one mountain area, he could see southern Java Ocean. There is a spring which become the headwater of Progo river. The Spring still become an important site for Buddhist procession which is being held until today. Mas Cabolang granted the secret of his beauty via meditation in one of the springs.

Coming down to the lower Tidar Mountain, Mas Cabolang met Seh Wakidiyat and finally marry his four beautiful female students after solving a riddle. However, unable to satisfy the 4 wives, Mas Cabolang ask for advice from the hermit, therefore he was given six ways of amorous play.

Seh Wakidiyat advises him to divorce the four wives and to continue his journey and in the future he could remarry the 4 women again. Temples of Borobudur and Mendut Leaving his wives, Mas Cabolang continued his journey and arrived at Borodudur, a site of years ago, even for his time. As they observed the temples, the reliefs reminded them of The Tales of Jataka Stories of living beings who later became Buddha. Mataram , the knowledge of sexuality, weaponry, Javanese architecture and wedding procession.

In Mataram, Mas Cabolang met new friends who, in between their activities, would exchange knowledge such as sexuality, weaponry and best timing to build a house. Later on, they had to help a friend who held a wedding ceremony and so being introduced to its detail procession. The next day, Puppet Show wayang kulit with King Partodewo story is being performed. While in Mataram, Mas Cabolang also took a look at several canons which are the gifts from Europeans Portuguese.

They continued their journey to some places whilst getting more insights ie. The knowledge of Javanese marriage and family life. Finally, Mas Cabolang and his santris left Mataram and on the next stop, Kepurun Village, a new friend would teach Mas Cabolang about the Javanese way of finding a good wife, how to safeguard marriage, the science of lovemaking, how to have a decent sex relationship, the conception and determining the gender and character of a baby in the womb.

Prambanan Temple and introduction to incest case Mas Cabolang arrived at Prambanan and heard The Legend of Lorojonggrang from its caretaker. This is the first time he was being introduced to cases of incest. In one of the hermitage, they learned about the 4 stages of knowledge and its analogy: the first knowledge is the one being practiced by the body analogy of having a boat , it is being practiced by the spirit analogy of one has the knowledge of a sailor , it is being practiced by the soul analogy of one would understand which depth of ocean where precious pearl lies and the last one is the sum of all that knowledge.

The history of woods as material to build a house. The knowledge went mo in depth in terms of wood materials, wood processing and Javanese building architecture.

The wayfarers got rebana instrument from the host as a farewell gift. Introduction to Javanese Medicine Further way to the east of Mataram, they met a hermitage whose wife would teach them about Javanese medicine Jamu. In this occasion, the famous prophecies of Jayabaya was also being explained. According to Jayabaya, the history of Java is divided into 3 period, Kalisworo, Kaliyogo and Kalisengoro. Affairs and scandalous adventures In Ponorogo region, Mas Cabolang and his attendants received new sexual knowledge from their local new friends while having the opportunities to also practice it with the locals.

They were also being introduced to Jathilan performance, a dance which is being performed by homosexual couples. There too, Mas Cabolang and one of his handsome attendant encountered more sexual experience with women as well with the jathils, the homosexual men. The wayfares left Ponorogo region and headed to the northeast and arrived in Wirosobo.

There was an incident where one of his handsome santri Nurwitri encountered a homosexual affair with the regent of Wirosobo. Mas Cabolang and Nurwitri went too far in creating chaos by having affairs with the women of Wirosobo. The scandal made the husbands and the Regent of Wirosobo extremely angry and ordered their arrest.

After the scandalous adventures, the wayfarers were feeling full with regrets. They realized that they had gone through the wrong way of living their life. Therefore they determined to go back home and repent their sins. The oldest santri advised them to meet a hermit nearby the region, in Semeru Mountain before returning to Sokoyoso. The hermit taught them with the knowledge of Roh Ilapi. Adulthood journey[ edit ] Journey of Jayengresmi Ki Amongrogo Jayengresmi already stayed for a few years in Karang Hermitage with his adopted father, Kyai Ageng Karang until finally he asked for permission to leave and to continue searching his brother and sisters.

Before let them leaving his hermitage, his adopted father suggest them to change their names: Jayengresmi became Ki Amongrogo, Gathak and Gathuk became Jamal and Jamil. Ki Amongrogo determined to stay and to study with Ki Bayi. Within this section, the details of Javanese wedding ceremonies and celebration are being explained quite extensively. Within their first 40 days, Amongrogo taught her new bride Islam teachings and perfect prayers.

While in between, her mother taught her the right behavior toward her husband for successful marriage and misbehaviors which lead to a failure of marriage. On the day after the 40th night, Amongrogo began to think about his sibling again and therefore asked permission from his wife to leave and to find his sibling.

He promised to come back after he found his siblings and if he fails, he gave her permission to remarry. But Tembangraras could not bear his request and begged him to go with him.

When the night came and she fell asleep, Amongrogo left the house and wrote her letters explaining why he should leave. They were all overwhelmed with sadness. From Wonomarto, Amongrogo and his attendants went eastward through Semeru Mountain and went all the way to the most eastern part of Java island Blambangan region before turned westward through southern coastal regions of Java Island.

At one beach in Lumajang region, he saw an island in the Indian Ocean and decided to check it out. As they found out that the island, namely Nusabarong, gave them convenient food supply, they stayed there for 40 days. They went back to Java Island and continued their journey through several caves on the mountainous area in the southern part of East Java, through Mount Kelud to Mount Willis.

In every meditation session, Amongrogo received a Lotus flower vision.


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Raden Ngabehi Sastradipura Sebelum dilakukan penggubahan, ketiga pujangga istana mendapat tugas-tugas yang khusus untuk mengumpulkan bahan-bahan pembuatan kitab. Ranggasutrasna bertugas menjelajahi pulau Jawa bagian timur, Yasadipura II bertugas menjelajahi Jawa bagian barat, serta Sastradipura bertugas menunaikan ibadah haji dan menyempurnakan pengetahuannya tentang agama Islam. Pengerjaan isi[ sunting sunting sumber ] R. Ranggasutrasna yang menjelajah pulau Jawa bagian timur telah kembali terlebih dahulu, karenanya ia diperintahkan untuk segera memulai mengarang. Dalam prakata dijelaskan tentang kehendak sang putra mahkota, bersangkala Paksa suci sabda ji.


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