Du Brul. It involves Juan Cabrillo and his crew of concerned mercenaries, as they attempt to quell a revolution, support and spark another and save the East Coast of America from widespread infection and illness. Plot introduction[ edit ] The book begins with a brief chapter detailing the traversing of a section of the Kalahari Desert by a group of four Europeans, led by the experienced guide H. The chapter ends with the Europeans meeting with their escape ship, HMS Rove only to find it stranded on the coast. Simultaneously, the Herero attack the ship, killing the Europeans presumably while a massive sandstorm rages around them, reshaping the coastline and burying the Rove under hundreds of feet of sand, lost for eternity.

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Shelves: nautical-thrillers , readthealphabet Chairman of the Corporation Juan Cabrillo and his mercenary crew steer the Oregon into battle against a militant leader and his cult-like followers.. To be honest the final confrontation with the main antagonist was weak and I expected a lot more. Also his "cult like" followers were only cult like in one or two scenarios.

This book bears the distinct stamp of both Cussler and duBrul, which means a great read for us! Juan Cabrillo is turning into one heck of a leading man. Like all Cussler novels, this one begins with a story from the The two best adventure writers currently drawing breath deliver another superb adventure from the Oregon Files. Like all Cussler novels, this one begins with a story from the past, this time about millions of dollars worth of diamonds that disappear off the African coast.

DeBeers investigator Sloane MacIntyre is searching for them when she needs to be rescued from some very dangerous men by Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon.

The Oregon happened to be in the area because of a job delivering weapons to some rebels on the Congo River that had gone awry. The ship also intercepts a piece of a satellite phone conversation regarding a kidnapped industrialist and, ever the capitalist, Juan Cabrillo decides to send in a team to rescue him, sure of a handsome reward.

This book is not for the squeamish, full of lots of violence and starring some really evil bad guys. Typical of both authors, we never turn away from the action, instead relishing every moment of it. When not embroiled in an intense, unflinching battle scene, the book delves even deeper into the character of Juan Cabrillo. Cabrillo encompasses the best of both. As usual, this is a fun, adrenaline-filled story with lots of high-tech weaponry and feats of derring-do.

Rating: 4 Stars. Nov 28, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it in a group of men just survive a trek across the kalahari desert to a waiting ship.


Skeleton Coast




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