Dec 09, Everic Rivas rated it it was amazing Incredible read! Meet the puppetmasters. An essential book to understand the broad agenda of this nefarious group. Note: both leading Democratic candidates Clinton and Obama took a break from their campaigns to meet with this group during their meeting in Chantilly, VA Incredible read! Concentration of psychopaths to prepare for the New World Order. Under the secrecy of states security they have yearly gatherings in expensive hotels over the world and make decisions no ordinary citizen may be aware of.

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The True Story of the Bilderberg Group "In , the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck.

For an entire weekend, the debated the future of the world. When it was over, they decided to meet once every year to exchange ideas and analyze international affairs. They named themselves the Bilderberg Group. Since then, they have gathered yearly in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the world to try to decide the future of humanity. Among the select members of this club are Bill Clinton, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Tony Blair and many other heads of government, businessmen, politicians, bankers and journalists from all over the world," writes journalist Daniel Estulin in the opening paragraph of the introduction to his must-read book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.

For some 15 years, Estulin has been a thorn in the sides of the Bilderbergers, relentlessly hunting down their secret meeting places, gaining inside sources who divulge what goes on behind closed doors, even photographing attendees and publicly disclosing it all. Now he has put it all in a book that every person who values freedom and democracy should read.

The Bilderbergers are so secretive that they even try to hide, until the last minute, the location of their gathering places. Perhaps these three quotes will explain what the secrecy is all about. The Times of London in called the Bilderbergers "a clique of the richest, economically and politically most powerful and influential men in the Western world, who meet secretly to plan events that later appear just to happen.

They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings. As Estulin wrote, the race is no contest when you own both horses.

That is why no matter which political party is in power nothing really changes other than the packaging. The puppets who drink at the champagne fountains of the powerful do the bidding of their masters. The people are superfluous to the process. The European Union is their baby. Like the CFR, which in the course of its history has embraced and financed the Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialists, Nazis and fascists, the Bilderbergers also play all sides. After attending the Bilderberg meeting, Romano Prodi was sworn in as president of Europe in the fall of that year; when his termed ended in , he was elected prime minister of Italy.

Estulin makes it clear that these people will use any means -- legal or illegal -- in pursuit of their goal of total subjugation to their New World Order or One World Company, as they prefer to call it: wars, coups, assassinations; control of banking, finance, business, the media, education dumbing down all but an elite needed to run things and even religion to keep people in check.

Michael Ledeen attended the meeting. Friedman, William F. Buckley, Jr. This is just a smattering of the information Estulin has managed to pack into his well-written page book, complete with photographs, documents and an index.

If all this seems far-fetched, look around. America has been stripped of its industrial base. The good jobs have been or are being offshored, while Americans are working harder and longer at service sector jobs for less pay and fewer to no benefits.

Americans have been dumbed down in public and private schools, universities and colleges. Their only worth now is as consumers of mainly foreign made goods. They are kept in check by religion, sports, idiotic "reality" TV, video games and anything else that turns off thinking. But they may have overplayed their hand, as the grand scheme is fraying around the edges.

Canadians who know more about the plan for a North American Union than Americans are diametrically opposed to it. A revitalized Russia, which has a historical wariness of outsiders, has its own ideas. It is up to us to get this book into as many hands as possible, because Estulin will get no help promoting it from the corporate media. Collectively, the people hold the power to save themselves and that frightens the Bilderbergers and their cohorts the most.

But that power is useless if the people refuse to exercise it or surrender it to those who would enslave us. Though Estulin totally buys into the Bilderberg-orchestrated Peak Oil hoax, he also importantly helps demystify the Bilderbergs. Toronto Oct. The BBs own everything, control everything nearly. Over the past decade, Bilderberg-watcher Daniel Estulin has exposed parts of the hidden agenda and players: who gets to be president or prime minister or head of the World Bank, and when.

People who do their dirty work big time, like Philip Zelikow, get invited back again and again. Author Estulin here comments on the Bilderberg "planned wholesale destruction of the planet [which] has to be organized and controlled. He also exposed the Bilderberg plan of global population reduction 3 billion or so , through mass starvation, diseases, and Peak Oil-induced de-industrialization.

Part of a family of emigres from the Soviet Union in the mids, Daniel Estulin first found refuge in Canada. A Flamenco guitarist in addition to Bilderberg slueth, the author lives in Seville, Spain. But wait! Take a gander at Lindsey Williams, on youtube, for starters. Williams was a southern Baptist preacher who reckoned the 25, men going up to build the Alaska pipeline needed Jesus. The public relations office saw what a good job he was doing, flying around from camp to camp, preaching Jesus less fights, less drinking, fewer days off, less need of counseling for the thousands of men building the pipeline.

Lindsey Williams executive status, inviting him to sit in on board meetings. Williams did this for three years. All the gears were in motion to tell the world.

Williams videos and book tell what happened.


Daniel Estulin



The True Story of the Bilderberg Group


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