Potrebbe essere la ragazza della porta accanto. Ho per questo m da poco affrontato la lettura di Diario di una sottomessa, la storia autobiografica di una giornalista che nel privato per ama esperienze estreme. Di cosa parla nello specifico Diario di una sottomessa? Ci troviamo davanti ad un libro sessualmente esplicito: come suggerisce il titolo infatti, si parla davvero di un diario di una sottomessa, sessualmente parlando, e dunque ci si trova di fronte a un resoconto dettagliato delle prime esperienze di schiava sessuale della protagonista. A tutti gli effetti ci troviamo di fronte a un diario e da tale non si leggono solo i racconti delle esperienze sessuali, ma scaviamo dentro la mente della nostra sottomessa, esplorando i suoi sentimenti, le sue paure, il suo passato, le sue insicurezze, i suoi punti di forza. Quindi il libro funziona proprio per questo, con il suo scopo originario: diffondere e spiegare qualcosa di non totalmente conosciuto, mostrandone il punto di vista personalissimo di una donna che in quel mondo vive ogni giorno.

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Shelves: arc , get-your-kink-on I decided to read this book because after finishing Fifty Shades of Grey I got curious about the topic of BDSM in literature and ended up reading quite a collection of similarly themed stories.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cherise Sinclairs works and wanted to get a deeper understanding of why a person, a woman in this case, would willingly choose to become a submissive.

I had somewhat grasped by now the concept of relinquishing all control and handing it over to another person for the purpose of I decided to read this book because after finishing Fifty Shades of Grey I got curious about the topic of BDSM in literature and ended up reading quite a collection of similarly themed stories. I had somewhat grasped by now the concept of relinquishing all control and handing it over to another person for the purpose of focusing solely on pleasure, but I was interested in other reasons behind this need.

This book appeared to be perfect in that regard and I hoped that it would answer some of my questions. But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Reading this book has proven to be quite a task for me. I decided then and there that reviewing this book was not going to be an easy task, but more importantly, I felt the need to stop reading it regularly and somehow purge the uneasiness that was taking over my entire body.

So I decided to make it sort of a reading journal - I needed to put my thoughts down as they were happening rather than wait until the end. I am surprised to find out that the main character, Sophie, did not choose submission as a coping mechanism for some horrible trauma in her past or an unfortunate childhood as I had expected.

She came from a perfectly normal family, loving parents and a very average upbringing. I cannot understand her need to feel pain in order to feel pleasure; I cannot understand her willingness to bite back tears in order to achieve sexual gratification.

I am going to continue reading this but I am starting to feel really uneasy about what this book is about. At all. He is described as a natural Dominant but I suspect that all he really is is a natural a-hole. He goes against everything that I have read so far about Dominants and what they seem to enjoy. Thomas is a genuine sadist so I was inclined to dislike him from the get-go but my biggest objection about him is his lack of empathy towards Sophie. All he seems to want to do is break her even further, push her over her limits over and over again.

He humiliates her, degrades her, debases her, hurts her both physically as well as psychologically and she just takes it. I am now even further from understanding Sophie and why her mind works the way it works. He is putting her through things that I can only summarise as torture.

He shows no emotions towards her, not even those of a friend. Their interactions are lacking care to such a degree that I sometimes wonder whether Sophie is lacking a self-preservation switch in her head. In control. To some that might seem incongruous with the choices I make sexually, the things that get me off. For a while it seemed jarring to me. I take responsibility for my actions and choices. She is constantly saying that this is what she needs and wants but then she cries through it and feels terrible.

One moment she is crying from the physical pain and mental humiliation, and the next she is going on with her life like nothing happened, each time drawn to this world of masochistic submission like a moth to a flame. I hate that he calls Sophie the s-word. I hate that he knows how much she hates it and he still does it.

But even more, I am starting to question my own sanity for continuing to read this book. Not really sure what the dynamic of their relationship really is but I dislike her straight away. The whole leg-humping scene made me want to jump out of my own skin.

That whole scene made me want to smash my Kindle! I was happy and somewhat relieved when Sophie finally moved away from Thomas and Charlotte and started entertaining the idea of actually meeting someone with whom she could start a relationship that would involve feelings.

Oh and had to have a penchant for hurting, controlling and humiliating me in as many imaginative, degrading ways as he could come up with, while not being an actual honest-to-goodness psychopath. At this point what they do is similar to what she had with Thomas but at least James wines and dines her as well and he is showing some actual emotions around her. He is a true Dom in the bedroom unafraid of inflicting pain but at least he does not seem to be enjoying it as much as Thomas did and he offers her comfort after a particularly painful scene when she sobs uncontrollably.

This is really an honest and raw account of what it means to be a true submissive. Nothing is sugar-coated and there are no filters on what is being said or described. Sophie the author is genuinely stripping her soul bare to the reader in order to make us understand how her body and mind work.

Having said that, it was difficult for me to feel much for Sophie the character as I just could not connect with her. Even after pages of reading her thoughts, she is still as alien to me as any random person on the street. I am now intimately acquainted with what Sophie likes, does, needs, but I am still at a loss to understand the WHY of it all.

It made me uncomfortable and it made me sad for her.


Diario di una sottomessa. La storia vera di un risveglio sessuale



Diario di una sottomessa



Diario di una sottomessa: un viaggio nelle perversioni di una giornalista qualunque


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