He was too busy checking his cellphone and cracking jokes to his buddy. During the play, he was seated across the aisle from me, where his cellphone glowed in the dark as he read e-mail and sent text messages, ignoring the actors, 20 feet away. After intermission, he did not return. But Loomer has broader satiric points to make about a more generalized form of cultural ADD, one that stems from our fixation on the large screens that surround us at home or work and the smaller screens that we carry around with us. The result of this self-inflicted sensory overload is familiar by now: a collective inability to focus on our lives even as we live them.

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Lots of breaking the 4th wall, which I like but might not have universal appeal. The ending of the play kind of just "happens" not a lot gets resolved but ends on a little hopeful note. My main complained is that I think the Dad character really got off easy, a little Essentially a play about the complexity of raising a child with ADHD.

My main complained is that I think the Dad character really got off easy, a little unsatisfying I think. It seems to take the position that mental illness is simply a cause of being too "distracted," a product of the modern world and all the stimulation it offers. This is despite Dr. Karnes "breaking character" to go on the record about how much Ritalin has helped.

The end of this play seems to imply that attention and love from two caring parents is enough to solve any problems caused by mental illness which is empirically not the case. This is reenforced by the tragedy that is Natalie. I think that in the context of the play, nothing would have helped her.

The only positive thing I saw in Act Two was the position the play took on the "anti-vaxxer" movement, where Mama choosing to not vaccinate Jesse was seen as insane and unsafe. The lack of vaccination of children in recent years has caused a significant spike in the spread of infectious diseases like whooping cough, so it was nice to see "Distracted" take at least one reasonable stance on medical treatment. When do we need to turn to drugs and at what cost?

The problem is the play really hits you over the head with the themes, like all the major distractions in society. It also creates some shallow and somewhat stereotypical characters- the pro-pill popping neighbor, the homeopathic doctor who thinks cutting out This play tackles a modern issue- ADHD, the true clinical disorder, but also the idea of our society itself contributing to people unable to concentrate. And the play does a good job of showing how a parent could easily be overwhelmed with the information coming at them from all angles.

My biggest complaint was with the character with OCD. Everyone else gets a moment to be taken seriously, but she remains the laughing stock throughout the entire play and her depiction was actually somewhat offensive to me. Mar 26, Mimi Grant rated it really liked it I am cast in this play as Sherry. Rehearsals will not start until summer.

I am so excited and cannot wait to begin work on this production. I have to finish "West Side Story", then "Distracted" will commence! Interesting but the end trivializes the setup. Sep 04, Sarah rated it liked it Most of the story and ideas are good, but the ending might be a bit of a cop out Great characters.



The second reviewer said that it tries to appeal to a younger audience. After exhausting all these options, she reluctantly agrees to put Jesse on Ritalin. Nicole rated it really liked it Nov 19, She — and we — should probably know better. Sign up for more newsletters here.


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