Please log in to add or reply to comments. If you use spellstrike with a spell that allows repeat saving throws like levitate, will each subsequent saving throw after the first have disadvantage? That said, if you were to, say, multiclass into Fighter and get action surge, you COULD make a Spellstrike, then action surge to make an extra attack action if you wanted. Oversight or intended?

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Intimidate Cha Swordbond By spending 1 hour of meditation with a chosen light or heavy blade, you forge a special bond with the weapon. As a standard action , you can call your bonded weapon to your hand from up to 10 squares away. You can forge a bond with a different blade using the same meditation process for instance, if you acquire a new blade that has magical abilities.

If you forge a bond with a different blade, the old bond dissipates. If your bonded weapon is broken or damaged, you can spend 1 hour of meditation to recreate the weapon from a fragment. Swordmage Aegis The Swordmage Aegis class feature grants one of three at-will powers, aegis of assault , aegis of ensnarement , or aegis of shielding. Each of these three powers marks a target, and allows the swordmage to take an immediate action triggered when the target hits with an attack that did not include the swordmage as a target.

The choice between these powers also affects some other class powers. Aegis of assault allows the swordmage to teleport to the target and make a melee basic attack against it. This option is associated with a striker secondary role. Aegis of ensnarement allows the swordmage to teleport the target into an adjacent square and make it grant combat advantage.

This option is associated with a controller secondary role. This option is associated with a leader secondary role. The November update removed that restriction, since it put swordmages at a disadvantage compared to other defender classes. At-will attack spells.


Swordmage feats

Edit Much like fighters or paladins , swordmages were typically defensive in combat, serving to guard allies or distract enemies. An alternative spell was aegis of assault , which enabled the swordmage to teleport immediately to the location of an enemy that has attacked an ally. This arcane bond allowed a swordmage to call his or her blade to them from a small distance or magically repair it through their arcane link over an hour-long period of meditation. In cases where the blade was broken, lost, or otherwise displaced a swordmage replaced it with a similar period of meditation, though this caused the old bond to dissolve. Most swordmages were practitioners of a distinct style, while others chose an eclectic blend of varied disciplines. Assault swordmages held the philosophy that the best defense was a strong offense and protected their friends and allies through aggressive and flashy attacks.


Changed Saving throw proficiency - Strength to Constitution. Added missing description for Ability Score Improvement. I see it in the chart. I know its not necessary, but its nice to have.

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