ACT NO. Explanation 1 - Every person who acts as an agent, in any State, of a dealer residing outside that State and buys, sells, supplies, or distributes, goods in the State or acts on behalf of such dealer as- i a mercantile agent as defined in the Sale of Goods Act, 3 of , or ii an agent for handling of goods or documents of the title relating to goods, or iii an agent for the collection or the payment of the sale price of goods or as a guarantor for such collection or payment, and every local branch or office in a State of a firm registered outside that State or a company or other body corporate, the principal office or headquarters whereof is outside that State, shall be deemed to be a dealer for the purposes of this Act. CHAPTER II Formulation of Principles for determining when a Sale or Purchase of goods takes place in the course of inter-State trade or commerce or outside a State or in the course of Import or Export 3 When is a sale or purchase of goods said to take place in the course of inter-State trade or commerce A sale or purchase of goods shall be deemed to take place in the course of inter-State trade or commerce if the sale or purchase- a occasions the movement of goods from one State to another; or b is effected by a transfer of documents of title to the goods during their movement from one State to another. Explanation 1 - Where goods are delivered to a carrier or other bailee for transmission, the movement of the goods shall, for the purposes of clause b , be deemed to commence at the time of such delivery and terminate at the time when delivery is taken from such carrier or bailee. Explanation 2 - Where the movement of goods commences and terminates in the same State it shall not be deemed to be a movement of goods from one State to another by reason merely of the fact that in the course of such movement the goods pass through the territory of any other State. Explanation - Where there is a single contract of sale or purchase of goods situated at more places than one, the provisions of this sub-section shall apply as if there were separate contracts in respect of the goods at each of such places.

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