Bass Line The bass line is a walking bass similar to the one in All Blues. Take what is in the book and write it out by first writing the notes of it down then writing out in tablature the bass line on the 5th and 6th strings! Here is a sample bass line that will work on Freddie. While I have the tablature in 1st position this can be played up the neck Move this up 3 frets and it can be a Freddy Green Count Basies Guitarist type backup. This is very common in jazz. Particularly in Swing music.

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Very common to do this at that time. Again start with analysis of the chords. Chord substitution can fret fret 2 work also but be careful in this tune as the simplicity is 3 3 4 one of the items that makes this work! Ab7 at the 4th fret F7 at the 8th fret! Freddie melody. Play in 5th postion Take your time in learning this. The key is to get it down pat. Learn it up one octave also and then as a chord melody. Here it is up one octave. For C7 move it up 3 frets to Eb7 etc.

A simple 1 bar blues. Here is a sample bass line that will work on Freddie. This is very common in jazz. Particularly in Swing music. I could spend a whole term just on this. You need to do that so that you can play any blues in any key. That is at least a place to start. Do at least one chorus. Here is Miles solo in the key he played it in. This might be easier to analyze as it is in the key of C. I did the first line. I tell you the chord rules!!

Very similar in many ways. Also note the use of rests. Note how many times Miles comes in on the and after 3 or on 3 to start the next phrase. Notice how he ends — like the start! This is so musical, that is why people loved his music. That is something you can and should learn from Miles. He did Miles tunes and used many of Miles techniques. Very simple to analyze. Note that the first note of the solo is the first note of the melody. Great way to tie in.

Use the G as the starting note but.


Freddie Freeloader



Freddie Freeloader - Drums



Freddie Freeloader – Miles Davis


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