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The trend of the demands to variable speed systems for general use is toward FA machines and other high class products. Fuji Electric developed and marketed the new G7 series of transistor inverters for general use to meet these demands.

A positioning system directly coupling a digital servo and PC was also developed. The entire series of Fuji Electric general purpose variable speed systems is introduced. All operations are performed in conversation format by touch panel monitor and are designed so that six times the conventional functions can be set easily. It is a series with abundant models based on the newest technology and are high additional value inverters aimed at a wide range of applications.

The functions necessary as a general purpose device are provided. Operation can be performed easily by touch panel. The new series expands the capacity series and is equipped with a serial interface, etc. It also meets the need for FA and substantially expands the system correspondence ability. The new series is outlined and its features, standard specifications, and some of the applied technology are introduced. Digital Inverter FRENIC V3 for Machine Tool Spindle Drive Yasuaki Hachisu, Kouetsu Fuzita Recently, in the machine tool world, composite machining has advanced as one method of shortening the machining time and the demand for fast response and high precision spindle drive equipment has increased.

This series is a compact system that realizes fast response and low torque ripple by direct digital control using high-speed microprocessor. Its specifications, features, and operating characteristics, including options, are outlined. The FRENIC W series with wide range constant output characteristics was added to the series simultaneously with expansion of standard series capacity series. The contents of the high capacity series and examples of the newest applications are introduced.

Ultra Low Noise Inverter FRENIC G6N Yoshikazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Miki Recently the trend of the inverter market has been toward reduction of the motor noise inherent in inverter operation and a rise in the demand for ultra low noise inverters that can be used even in quiet environments.

The specifications and features of this series are introduced. Inverters for Air Conditioner Fumio Toriyama, Masaaki Hieda, Tatsuya Suzuki Inverters for air conditioner are used in heat pump type air conditioners and allow quick heating and cooling, constant room temperature temperature control, and energy saving operation and have shown noticeable growth in recent years as clean and safe devices.

This article outlines Fuji Electric inverters for air conditioners. By mounting a bit CPU inthese inverters, motor operating sound has been reduced and other improvements have been made. High Frequency Inverter for High Speed Induction Motors FVR-H5 Yutaka Ito, Katsuji Omura Inverters for high speed motor drive are growing noticeably and they are widely used in the machine tool and woodworking machine fields to improve machining precision and capacity, eliminate the variable speed mechanism, and improve productivity.

The new series inverter FVR-H5 was developed to improve versatility and increase the functions. Its features, specifications, performance, and functions are introduced. Totally Enclosed Transistor Inverter Akio Takemoto, Tsuyoshi Saigou, Hiroaki Nakazima The microcomputerization of the transistor inverter has been accompanied by improvement of its functions, performance, operability, etc.

Along with this, the demand for a totally enclosed inverter that can be used under even bad environmental conditions has increased. To meet this demand, Fuji Electric has improved the cooling effect that was a problem in the past and developed a compact totally enclosed series.

Many units have already been supplied both domestically and overseas. The totally enclosed series is introduced. Variable Speed Motor for Inverter Drive Yasuhiko Shibata, Yohihiro Suzuki The simple construction, rugged squirrel-cage induction motor is used as the main power in various industrial applications. Recently, variable speed operation by inverter has increased together with the demand of the market for labor saving and productivity and the growth of power-electronics technology.

Fuji Electric is supplying motors for inverter drive matched to various applications to the market. These motors are highly acclaimed. The specifications and features of the motors driven by these inverters are introduced. Inverter Applied Rotating Machine Yuzou Nakahara, Shigeo Ohba The range of application of variable speed drive of the squirrelcage induction motor is expanding rapidly with the growth of the transistor inverter.

Its application as an inverter applied rotating machine to fluid equipment, especially to high pressure, low volume Ring Blow and high pressure Coolant Pump, is introduced. To meet this need the AC servomotor, ES motor, and positioning equipment with sequence function have been timely developed for maintenance-free operation and improvement of flexibility. According to the expansion of the general purpose programmable controller PC application, the demand of addition of various function to the PC is increasing lately.

For this demand, the addition of positioning modules to the PC baseboard has been made possible and the system have been made more compact. Pulse compensation, manual operation, and various other positioning functions are installed and setting and display of various positioning functions are possible by touch panel.

The specifications, construction, etc. Conversely, the AC servo has usage, price, and other disadvantages. On the other hand, the use of variable speed machines was limited from the performance standpoint. In this condition was passed and the "ES motor" was placed on sale and was highly evaluated. This time, an "advanced functions series" with a wide capacity range, improved functions, and expanded range of applications by mounting of option cards and new "standard series" with a more compact controller were developed.

A line of motors with gear, with brake, etc. Position Control System for Programmable Controller Tadakatsu Aida, Kohei Suzuki The increase in the number of opportunities of using the programmable controller PC in combination with a motor has given rise to a demand for more accurate and faster PC positioning systems.

The specifications, functions, and control method of these two models are introduced. Application Samples of Inverter Systems Tadashi Toki, Kazuhiko Hasegawa, Harumi Matsumoto The performance of recent power transistor inverters has been improved noticeably and the various functions required to incorporate them into systems as high response, tenacious, communication function, etc.

Centrifugal separators for the sugar plant and a crane facility are introduced as samples of the application of large capacity transistor inverters and an inverter for cotton spinning and a tankless water supply system are introduced as samples of special inverters suited for the characteristics of machines that use these advanced functions and compounded by incorporating peripheral control functions.

Induction Heating Inverter Tetsuo Matsunaga, Hirotaka Shiraishi, Kunihiko Karube An induction heating inverter using bipolar transistors has been manufactured for many years for iron billet heater and other inductrial applications.

Now, a low capacity heating inverter for general use has been developed based on this technology. Regarding application to commercial electromagnetic cookers, its safety, high efficiency, and other advantages are highly evaluated and it is making a large record of achievements.

Moreover its use in various facilities for general industry is also possible and its use is expanding. The technical contents, features, and application examples of this inverter are introduced.


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Fuji Electric FRENIC-Multi Instruction Manual


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