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Only the small Centrino Duo- and Vista-stickers indicate the modern technology inside this Case Silver-black plastic and round shapes dominate the almost unchanged appearance of the Amilo series since years.

By and large, the manufacturing quality is sufficient. However, the case shows smaller deficiencies only at a second glance. The case turns out to be better in comparison and creaks only slightly if lifted up - very good.

The display lid is less appealing. As usual for this class, it can be unlatched with a central slide switch and has to be opened with both hands, which causes a slight creaking noise. The rather stiff hinges never really get the display under control. Slight vibrations transfer directly to the construction. A bumpy train ride thus keeps the notebook permanently vibrating. But even simple typing on the keyboard is already enough. The LCD wobbles permanently while working, which is especially annoying due to the screen reflections.

Furthermore, even light pressure on the lid cause drastic image disturbances on the viewing side of the sensitive liquid crystal display - extra care is recommended during transport of the notebook. It contains three USB ports and one card reader, as well as an analog VGA output and an optical digital output to transfer audio signals. The producer decided not to include Firewire, Bluetooth, S-Video to connect to a television, webcam or digital DVI output for cost reasons.

The notebook establishes connections to the home network respectively the internet through the integrated WLAN card or over cable with the LAN connection. This is more than sufficient for home use, since data can be transferred with up to Draft-N-Networks The card can easily be deactivated with a slide switch at the front of the notebook to save energy, if no wireless connection is needed - very good. Keys hit rather blunt, with hardly any feedback and offer only little side stability. Additionally, the right half of the keyboard bends noticeable and rattles noisily.

Especially the enter- and arrow-keys are pretty loud. The key layout failed to impress as well. It deviates in a few areas from the standard and requires some getting used to. The Fn-key, for example, is located at the very left where the control key usually is. This unnecessary change guarantees confusion for people used to the standard layout. The producer also decided to move the insert and delete key from their usual position to the bottom next to the arrow keys, and put the switch key for the numeric block and scroll key at their location.

Two additional keys are located above the keyboard. The one on the left starts the Windows Media Player under Vista, while the other puts the notebook in the so called "Silent Mode". As the name implies, the FSC notebook runs almost silently in this mode but with less processor power. More about the silent mode later in this review. As usual, a touch pad plays the role as mouse replacement for the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi Like the display it is in wide format.

Even untrained users can easily use it, thanks to its generous size. It reacts pleasantly swift to user input and with high precision. The smooth surface allows fast navigation, but makes exact aiming slightly difficult.

Both touch pad buttons have a pleasantly short movement distance, but appear a bit cheap due to the thin plastic. Bright backgrounds and light sources cause strong reflections on the In exchange, images should impress through lively and bright colours. While the colours appear fairly brilliant compared with other reflecting displays, it cannot completely convince regarding saturation.

Much better is the display of colours. Only trained eyes can notice a slight red tendency on the reference images and skin-colour output. The display can thus convince, at least as long as we look at it from the opimal viewing angle. Even slight deviations in horizontal or vertical direction have a negative influence on the image quality.


Fujitsu AMILO Pi 1505 Datasheet



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