Related units The Oregon t adds a 3. Portions of the following were adapted from my hands-on reviews of the Garmin Oregon and Oregon t. There are better quality , scale topo maps available for free for most states. GPS File Depot is a great source for such maps.

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Related units The Oregon t adds a 3. Portions of the following were adapted from my hands-on reviews of the Garmin Oregon and Oregon t. There are better quality , scale topo maps available for free for most states. GPS File Depot is a great source for such maps. I recommend that most buyers consider the Oregon instead of the t and simply load it up with whatever maps you need.

Custom maps and BirdsEye imagery With the recent introduction of Garmin custom maps , you can now put about any map image on your Oregon. Found a park trail map online? Add it to your GPS! The image at left below shows a custom map — a USGS topo map raster image. You can read more about this feature by checking out my posts on Garmin custom maps. The image at right, above, shows a screenshot. Now that we have that out of the way, lets look at some of the other new features in the Oregon line, which are all found on the t… Oregon t touchscreen display All of the newer generation high-resolution GPS screens suffer a bit when it comes to visibility.

The series is slightly better than the x00 first generation, but the newer series seems better yet. Let me back up a bit and share what I saw when testing the Oregon series. Once I tried different angles though, it became clear to me that the was viewable over a wider range than the older model. The difference is seen in sunny, bright conditions only. I could not detect much difference in shade.

But the huge number of improvements the Oregon series is accumulating leaves me with little reservation in recommending them over previous model lines. Even so, I still recommend that users create sun and shade profiles to improve visibility discussed a little later in this review. The downside is that the calibration process is more complicated than that for a two-axis electronic compass.

The compass should be recalibrated every time you change the batteries in the unit. Garmin Oregon t interface Handheld GPS receivers typically offer lots of options, and can be overwhelming for a first-time user. Even so, the touch screen Oregon is about as intuitive as they get. Customizing the Garmin Oregon t Take the time to do some additional customization and it gets even better.

Tap the new profile to give it a name. Now start changing various preferences. Want track up when geocaching and north up when biking? No problem. The possibilities are nearly endless. Rearrange the main menu — Set this different for each profile. I make extensive use of the Track Manager, so that gets moved to the first main menu screen for my hiking and biking profiles. Create sun and shade profiles — A great use of this tool is to create separate sun and shade profiles perhaps even one for each activity.

Dashboards — The map screen can be set up to show 0, 2 or 4 data fields, or to display a dashboard. Choices for the latter are recreational, automotive, stopwatch, compass, large data field, geocaching nearest or active or elevation plot. Shown below are the compass and trip computer screens.

The data fields can, of course, be customized, as can the background. The trip computer screen can be also switched to show fewer but larger data fields. The top section of each can be modified display one of the previously mentioned dashboards.

You can now slide the map around underneath the pin, and zoom in as needed, to fine tune the selected location.. Route, Track and Waypoint management The Oregon series has excellent route, track and waypoint management tools, including: Waypoints — The ability to project a waypoint, and to reposition one at your current location.

The image at the right shows a track in light blue a record of a previous trip. Routes — You can view a map of the entire route, edit the route, reverse it and view an elevation plot.

Track Navigation The Oregon t features some recent improvements in track navigation. Select a track to navigate and a route will be created. Waypoints are created for the high and low elevation points and any user waypoints along the track are added to the route. Geocaching with the Oregon t The Oregon t is set up for full paperless geocaching support, meaning you can see the description, logs, and the hint, and you can log your attempt find, DNF, etc. Speaking of which, full access to these features requires a premium membership at geocaching.

Shown below, clockwise from top left: Closest geocaches, geocache description, menu for a specific cache, and custom map using a USGS topo. Wireless data transfer The Oregon t is capable of wireless data transfer with other compatible Garmin units. You can transfer waypoints, tracks, routes and geocache summaries paperless caching details cannot be transferred. If I wanted a single unit for trail and road, an Oregon plus City Navigator screenshot at right would be my top choice.

I noticed no significant differences in accuracy at ground zero when geocaching. Multiple tracklogs were collected, comparing the Oregon and the Garmin 60CSx. Tracking was set to collect points every five seconds while mountain biking. Steep terrain ridden in both directions, combined with frequent stops to record notes, resulted in good testing environments.

In the images below, the Oregon tracklog is in blue, the 60CSx is in red. In one test, shown below, the 60CSX wandered a bit more than the Oregon in a few spots, while the Oregon track separated more at one point on the uphill and downhill runs. This test was a draw. In the test below, the Oregon significantly outperformed the 60CSx. Still there were two other points where the 60CSx wandered significantly. Each unit had a single instance of track separation on the uphill and downhill segments.

Battery life is rated by Garmin at 16 hours. In my testing it ranged from 10 hours, 27 minutes backlight always on to 16 hours, 51 minutes backlight timeout set for two minutes, battery saver mode enabled. Battery life tests were conducted with the unit stationary, using Eneloop low discharge rechargeable batteries. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Oregon is extremely close to my 60CSx in terms of reported elevation gain. I hope to do some more testing before I send the review unit back to Garmin, and will post a full report here.

Perhaps Garmin fixed this on the Oregon x00 series in their most recent firmware update. Go figure! Garmin Oregon t pros.


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