Kajigore Click No then click Ggtv to restart your computer at a later time. From here, you can view recorded content, view photos, set up preferences or view the input source by selecting EXIT or pressing HOME on the remote control. A sweet deal on Lightning earphones, a sweet deal on a car charger and a free game! If you want to modify settings for instant recording and other features, you can go into the friendly On-Screen Display and adjust the settings. Beforehand, I had a unit that needed small tapes, then i had to hook up the unit to a video camera, and then to the computer. The installer only installs decoder software.

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Even if you never bought or even used a TiVo, its imitators and successors -- hard drive based personal video recorders PVRs -- have made their way into virtually every service provider including most cable companies and both flavors of satellite television DISH Network and DirecTV. It even allows you to "back up" HDCP-protected program material e. Although the device includes both an internal Hard Disc Drive 80 Gigabytes and an SD card slot, copy-protected program material can only be recorded to the hard drive.

It cannot be recorded to a removable SD card nor can a protected show on the hard drive be copied over to an SD card. So if you were hoping to copy over Blu-ray Disc movies to a portable media format, for playback on a portable media player, you will be disappointed. But for non-protected material, such as broadcast and cable HDTV programming, the unit does allow you to record on either the internal hard drive or an SD card, and to copy these programs in either direction.

After some investigation, I figured out that the Gefen does not support discrete multi-channel surround sound. Similarly, when connecting a device via component video, there is no digital audio input option, only analog 2-channel stereo. Of course this 2-channel track can be decoded with Dolby Pro Logic Surround to get some rear channel effects if it is encoded that way in the source signal , but real discrete multi-channel audio is not supported on this device.

On the video side, the recorder supports up to i resolution x pixels, interlaced via component or HDMI inputs, and i over S-video or composite video. Because the unit supports neither p video resolution nor discrete surround sound, this means that the DVR does not provide transparent pass-through of the HDMI signal from source through the DVR to display. A workaround for this would be to use the component video and 2-channel analog audio output on your source device to feed the Gefen DVR, instead of HDMI.

Setting the device up to operate other components e. But be careful when you are teaching it. One wrong move on programming a button will cause you to have to start all over again. And once a button has been set with a command from your factory remote, it cannot be re-programmed. Trying to do so generates a message "the key has learned. Ergonomically Challenged The Gefen unit must be on to do a scheduled recording, and the source device does as well the DVR cannot power up a remote device.

Switching over to the afore-mentioned Sony HD tuner as the source, flipping through the various over the air digital channels in New York City, the Gefen recorder would not lock on SD digital sources p.

Switching over to true HD sources then had a red tinge to the picture. This color shift affected only what was visible on-screen coming in via a live signal. Oddly enough, it did not affect recordings made even while this color shift was visible on screen. Upon later playback it was evident that these recordings were fine. After a few upgrades of the firmware, finally at firmware 1. The user menu itself is a little clunky with large simple fonts and basic icons.

Bringing up the "Play Movie" menu shows a thumbnail of each video recording but no text. Viewing Impressions When I first found out that the hard drive was only 80 Gigabytes, I thought the unit would be pretty limited in its recording time. But the Gefen uses the efficient H. In "SuperEco" SE mode, the bit rate goes down to 3. In SuperEco mode - the picture was watchable but with some clear artifacts such as mild motion trails, softening of details particularly in dark areas of the screen , and digital haze.

In highest quality mode Extra Fine , I was hard-pressed to see artifacts other than a slight dulling of the colors vs. Audio was still crisp and detailed even at the lower bit rates. It seemed pretty stable, however, I was having the red tinge issue I described above. I upgraded the firmware via a download from Gefen.

After the upgrade, I attempted to make a recording via the component input onto an SD card. I was not able to stop this recording, trying every combination of the stop button, record button, home button, etc. Eventually I pulled out the SD card which did cancel the recording. It also caused the unit to shut down completely.

Attempting to play that recording resulted in an "invalid" marker on the file no surprise since the unit was not able to gracefully close the recording. Seeing red! Until upgrading the Gefen unit to the latest firmware, an odd red tinge affected the screen after flipping though standard def channels using a Sony HD tuner as the source for recording.

I upgraded the firmware one more time to 1. Plus the SD card option is an elegant solution for copying high definition recordings to PCs and other portable devices.

Gadget freaks will like it for its unique capabilities and high quality video recording capability over component video and HDMI. Where to Buy:.


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The current firmware revision level is also displayed Navigate the photos with. Make a mini boombox by Donald Bell. The installer only installs decoder software. Forgot Password Create Account. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Got it, continue to print.



Page 2 Notice Gefen Inc. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Gefen TV Gefen TV is a unique product line catering to the growing needs for innovative home theater solutions. We specialize in total integration for your home theater, while also focusing on going above and beyond customer expectations to ensure you get the most from your hardware.


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