Yes, any type of vegetable oil will work in your Greasecar, including hydrogenated oils. Installayion in your fuel can ruin your injection system!! The Greasecar system has been installed in thousands of vehicles and logged millions of miles, we have been in research since giving us unmatched expertise in development, research, design and manufacture capabilities. How does the Greasecar system work? When the vehicle is being shut down for a period long enough for the fuel to cool the vegetable oil must be purged greaescar the fuel system and replaced geeasecar diesel for the next start up.

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There is no sulfur content in vegetable oil which eliminates the first major carcinogen associated with diesel fuel. In all it took me 2 days to do the install and I think it runs great. Search for your application or view conversion candidates with the application search on our conversion kit pages. Our standard systems are gteasecar to work with many diesel passenger vehicles and pickup trucks custom kits available for greasecaf applications.

More studies are underway and results will vary depending on engine and tuning. Title goes here close video goes here. The time now is Send a private message to latitude Are there significant differences between the Greasecar system and other systems on the market? Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post. We always recommend a complete kit to ensure a successful conversion. I am a bit of a prepper and was looking at it from alternative fuel source prospective. Send a private message to KansasDiesel.

While water will settle out of oil, a source containing water will require more attention and create contamination risks. When I got my kit back in March, everything in the box and ready to go. I am looking for a new beetle TDI once I find it my own kit will be installed. Raw vegetable oil is very destructive to all diesel engines, both for the fuel system and the engine itself.

What type of restaurants tend to have the best oil? What kind of fuel economy miles per gallon do you get using a greasecar fuel system? You will receive the high efficiency of a diesel engine on either fuel.

I spent hours andhours and many trips to hardware stores. There must be a cheaper way to build them. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Can I use any type of vegetable oil? Heater hoses are 1 size bigger than the T fittings.

May vary depending on vehicle. Facebook Google Remember Me? For more detailed comparisons, please call or email info greasecar. How does the Imstallation system work? Some customers claim to notice smoother acceleration when running vegetable oil. Title goes here Gone, but not forgotten. As long as the oil is filtered and free from water, bacterial and chemical contamination, it can be burned in a Greasecar. I Think I understand the basic concept, was just looking for some help on the install.

In order to be able to post messages on the Mercedes-Benz Forum forums, you must first register. My filter bracket was also home made. Features include tig welded aluminum tanks, 10 micron heated filter, QuickFlush in under 1 minute, open return circuit in diesel function, recirclation in veg function and our unique purge feature.

It is also installaation to avoid unsecure outdoor containers, as they are more likely to contain water and bacteria contamination. I got to hunt down the correct T fitting size now. Can I purchase a kit minus the tank? November 23rd, Is Greasecar worth it?? Related Articles.



How does the Greasecar system work? A: The Greasecar system is a two tank fuel system. The vehicles existing diesel tank and filter will supply diesel fuel to the engine at start up and shut down. After start up radiator fluid will transfer heat from the engine to the heat exchangers in the Greasecar fuel system. These heat exchangers will heat the vegetable oil in the fuel filter, lines and fuel tank. The heat will reduce the viscosity of vegetable oil so that it is similar to diesel and can be injected into the engine properly. When the vehicle is being shut down for a period long enough for the fuel to cool the vegetable oil must be purged from the fuel system and replaced with diesel for the next start up.


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Biodiesel was developed specifically to address all of the problems associated with burning raw oils and requires NO conversion or modifications to use. What about custom isntallation Generally we have found that the addition of a conversion system will, at the most, void coverage of fuel system components only. Examination of engines running with the Insfallation system have shown dramatic reductions of carbon deposits over petro diesel in the engines studied. I have instaallation 13 gallon tank kit with the pumps and the filter. Is it a good kit kit to install and is it worth it? Password Please enter a password for your user account. Originally Posted by wdschell View Post.


Always consider that perhaps much of the info on the web has never been edited by anyone other than the author and or has never been professional fact checked. The below ramblings of my findings are no exception. With out ample heat to your VO, I have read you may be in line for serious n expensive damage to your power plant. Again, as stated above, I could be wrong. Then kit I received from GC did not come close to this even after I added a hotter radiator thermostat talked about below. Above n below are photos of the digital VO n coolant temp. After reading and digesting many form postings B 4 installing my kit.

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