Reinventing The Tattoo We just added a detailed step-by-step tutorial showing the completion of an outer space organic mech hand tattoo, condensing the full 4. You can check it out now on Page 7. This project has given Guy a chance to go back through the entire text and rewrite parts of it to reflect our current understandings of tattooing, plus it was a chance to get the Photoshop chapters current and talk about the changes happening with machines, tubes and needles, including the new cartridge systems. This new edition is subscription based, with the goal of adding new content regularly so that your Reinventing experience is constantly evolving and can be customized to your path as a developing artist. Four new Photoshop tutorial videos New video seminar focused on acrylic painting Handy format that adapts to any device and works well on your phone Over coming months we will continue to refine and build the curriculum and the interface to include such things as: Text or email notifications of new material Smoother and more intuitive interface Special version focused on apprenticeships Multi-artist studio packages Additional guest chapters from many of your favorite artists! For those not familiar with the Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum.

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Hyperspace Studios is organizing a series of free interactive webinars, every days during the quarantine, where Guy Aitchison talks in detail with a number of artists about their design and technical execution in great detail, including questions from audience members. Participants can take part in a lively and in-depth conversation about both design and technique, with the option of joining the exercise workshop April 10th at 4PM EST.

Participants are emailed an exercise to work on at the workshop. All exercises will be graded by Ivana Tattoo Art and Guy Aitchison in a live session a few days later. Join Ivana and Guy at 4 pm EST the evening of April 10 via Google Hangout, drawing group participants can work on and share their exercises while we talk about art, life, the world, and our industry while possibly enjoying a beer. Guy Aitchison now offering online critiques! Take advantage of these slow weeks in the studio and double down on your professional development.

For a limited time Guy is offering online tattoo critiques , where he goes over 3 of your tattoos including doing Photoshop reworking on one of them. Purchasers will be sent an upload link for submitting their work; critiques have a 5 day turnaround and are delivered in the form of a private YouTube link. We just added a detailed step-by-step tutorial showing the completion of an outer space organic mech hand tattoo, condensing the full 4.

You can check it out now on Page 7. All rights reserved.


Reinventing The Tattoo

You can read more in the Reinventing FAQ below or by checking out the item description at our online store. Q What exactly is Reinventing The Tattoo? A Reinventing The Tattoo is a continuing education program for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals, written and produced by recognized artist Guy Aitchison. For much of the 24 years of his career, Guy has taught seminars and written books on various subjects in tattooing such as color use or composition.


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