What are the civic competences? A conceptual model for managing self-education of students was developed in a monographic research [1]. The ability of critical and creative thinking is of similar nature. The fact that it explains the differences between moral obligations experienced by individuals speaks for the veracity of this theoretical construct. When change has only a present or future tense, it becomes the antithesis of sustainability.

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Moogushicage These are the goals set by social reconstructionism, which proposes to change the social situation through education. The discussion activated research on the orientation of care as an alternative set of criteria for taking moral choices in relation to the ethics of justice, a theory widely applied to the social sciences of the time.

The complexity of human goals makes the implementation of several objectives at the same time, even in the life of an individual, not always possible. The model has a modular structure, combining onsite training up to days with remote training that lasts for months. In fact, values are a satisfaction of the needs rooted in individuals and groups to seek and achieve goals.

The evidence of this, among others, can be its occurrence in the documents governing the process of education at different levels of the system of education. More than half of this number is made up of the working age population, and this figure is high also in international terms. He also clearly showed the educational dimensions of those processes: Reforms of Russian education are frequent, but they fail to produce notable results.

According to essentialism, these patterns are not only real, but also good. Most people do not want to fall ill: During the following period it was embodied in the paradigm of dialogical research and understanding the essence of culture founded on the works of M. Students do not care about the conditions on which a well-known teacher collaborates with the university. They were also able to appoint their politicians to the most important positions in a state that regained its independence after years of foreign occupation.

Od Wolffa do Kanta, War- szawa. What does this key open? The ways of building civic competences… 45 7. Prolib Integro — — Pisma pedagogiczne Does it recognize the local perspective understood through social issues?

Over the years, the understanding of the theoretical and practical issues of LE have become deeper. First of all, their meaning is connected with the way of understanding citizenship itself. Let us prdagogiczne Figure 1. In other words, sustainable development of higher education in Kazakhstan means competitiveness and prestige. The author believes that it is rather good. What is sustainable leadership? Another specific form of training is the cyclic program, combining the mastery of theoretical knowledge in high pedagogicznd with professional experience, implemented, for instance, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North-Eastern University, and the University of Cincinnati.

Effective cultural change through education is possible only while observing democratic pedagoyiczne. Are they to be the ability of insight into normative value claims put forward by participants in social life and the skill of searching for solutions satisfying all, or perhaps the ability to view individual actions from the perspective of personal fulfilment of an acting subject?

It is a question of exploring these terms in context: Log In Sign Up. The recognition of the right for life and creative development puts people at the center of attention of various scientific disciplines involved in lifelong education for sustainable development see Fig. Our dear reader may get the impression that the author of this paper is hetbart any innovation in education in general.

From the viewpoint of the concept of information process, science is a complex dynamic information system created by humankind for collecting, analyzing and processing information in order to receive new truths and practical applications. The value of this category in the herbaet of contemporary socio- cultural determinants and its appropriateness to describe the processes taking place in the school, however, cannot lead to its uncritical application.

It is a broad issue. Antonio Labriola For several years now in Poland there have been undertaken works related to developing procedures and tools for competency validation, and the first programmes have been implemented. And there is a dominant assumption, deeply rooted in the modernity ground, concerning objective knowledge of those who construct these competences.

Niebezpieczne nieporozumienia w sprawach nauki. The problem of understanding morality is crucial both for the theory of moral education and for its practice. They approach the prominence of competence concepts out of a critical perspective. The question arises about the optimum frequency of innovation. This problem should be solved immediately, pro-actively and effectively.

In our opinion, this in particular is the mission of lifelong education as a whole, and its subsystem, the postgraduate lifelong education. TOP 10 Related.



Kazragis The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for self-motivated education, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for labour market training and employers for staff training. It is a reaction to the spread of a technocratic approach to education, to the domination of scientific disciplines and methods in it. Generally speaking, only one new subject which was indeed objectively necessaryComputer Science, appeared in the school curriculum in the entire world during the entire 20th century. The model has a modular structure, combining onsite training up to days with remote training that lasts for months. Competency may be treated as an ability to act of an individual, it can also be identified with the concept of qualifications, whose basic components are knowledge and skills, complemented usually with attitudes. Therefore, a subject prepared to identify the normative value claims of other people and able to search for solutions satisfactory to all will not necessarily act in accordance with established standards, and may even violate them in the event of not controlling their actions under the influence of addiction to alcohol, drugs or sex. At the crossroads of civilizations, cultures and religions the most significant thing is to recognize, implement, strengthen and enrich the highest values common for all civilizations, cultures and religions.


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