Hitler and Herman Rauschning Much of the significant material in the section derives from the writings of Hermann Rauschning. He was an excellent speaker. In foreign matters Rauschning did not conceal that his personal desire was to return Poland to the Third Reich. In Rauschning left Germany and moved to the United States, becoming a US citizen in and purchasing a farm near Portland, Oregon where he died in

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Hitler and Herman Rauschning Much of the significant material in the section derives from the writings of Hermann Rauschning.

He was an excellent speaker. In foreign matters Rauschning did not conceal that his personal desire was to return Poland to the Third Reich. In Rauschning left Germany and moved to the United States, becoming a US citizen in and purchasing a farm near Portland, Oregon where he died in Hitler Speaks]. Obviously, Hitler did not envision that Rauschning would subsequently leave the Party and defect to America.

Both are inventions of the Jew The religions are all alike, no matter what they call themselves. They have no future—certainly none for the Germans.

Fascism, if it likes, may come to terms with the Church. So shall I. Why not? That will not prevent me from tearing up Christianity root and branch, and annihilating it in Germany. The Italians and the French are essentially heathens. Their Christianity is only skin- deep. But the German is different. He is serious in everything he undertakes. He wants to be either a Christian or a heathen. He cannot be both. Besides, Mussolini will never make heroes of his Fascists.

But for our people it is decisive whether they acknowledge the Jewish Christ-creed, with its effeminate pity-ethics, or a strong, heroic belief in God in Nature, God in our own people, in our destiny, in our blood.

It will not make us free. A German Church, a German Christianity, is distortion. One is either a German or a Christian. You cannot be both. You can throw the epileptic Paul out of Christianity - others have done so before us.

You can make Christ into a noble human being, and deny his divinity and his role as a savior. People have been doing it for centuries. I believe there are such Christians today in England and America—Unitarians they call themselves, or something like that.

We need free men who feel and know that God is in themselves. I will tell you: we must prevent the churches from doing anything but what they are doing now, that is, losing ground day by day. Do you really believe the masses will ever be Christian again? Never again. No one will listen to it again. But we can hasten matters. The parsons will be made to dig their own graves.

They will betray their God to us. They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable little jobs and incomes. What we can do? Just what the Catholic Church did when it forced its beliefs on the heathen: preserve what can be preserved, and change its meaning.

We shall take the road back: Easter is no longer resurrection, but the eternal renewal of our people. Christmas is the birth of our savior: the spirit of heroism and the freedom of our people. Do you think these liberal priests, who have no longer a belief, only an office, will refuse to preach our God in their churches? They will receive the fruits of the German soil as a divine gift, and will eat it as a symbol of the eternal communion of the people, as they have hitherto eaten of the body of their God.

And when we have reached that point the churches will be crowded again. If we wish it, then it will be so - when it is our religion that is preached there. We need not hurry the process. Otto von Bismark Certainly that was fated from the beginning, for only a Catholic knows the weaknesses of the Church. I know how to deal with these gentry. Bismarck was a fool. In other words, he was a Protestant.

In these things you must be able to feel and think with the people, know what they want and what they dislike. Bismarck stuck to his legal clauses and his Prussian sergeant-majors. That was not enough. And least of all shall I institute a cultural struggle. That was a blunder. But I shall know how to deal with them, I can guarantee that. Why, what an organization! We must learn from it. Astuteness and knowledge of human nature are behind it. Catholic priests know where the shoe pinches.

But their day is done, and they know it. They are far too intelligent not to see that, and to enter upon a hopeless battle. But if they do, I shall certainly not make martyrs of them.

We shall brand them as ordinary criminals. I shall tear the mask of honesty from their faces. And if that is not enough, I shall make them appear ridiculous and contemptible. I shall order films to be made about them. We shall show the history of the monks on the cinema. Let the whole mass of nonsense, selfishness, repression and deceit be revealed: how they drained the money out of the country, how they haggled with the Jews for the world, how they committed incest.

We shall make it so thrilling that everyone will want to see it. There will be queues outside the cinemas. And if the pious burghers find the hair rising on their heads in horror, so much the better. The young people will accept it—the young people and the masses. I can do without the others. Our peasants have not It still lives. It is merely covered over. The law of selection justifies this incessant struggle, by allowing the survival of the fittest. Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature.

Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure And so the old beliefs will be brought back to honor again.

The peasant will be told what the Church has destroyed for him: the whole of the secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, the shapeless, the daemonic. The peasant shall learn to hate the Church on that basis. Gradually he will be taught by what wiles the soul of the German has been raped. We shall wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion peculiar to our race.

And this is where we must begin. Not in the great cities! There we shall only lose ourselves in the stupid godlessness propaganda of the Marxists. The urban masses are empty. Where all is extinguished, nothing can be aroused.

But our peasantry still lives in heathen beliefs and values. It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood. It is through the peasantry that we shall one day be able to act as missionaries to the urban masses as well. But there is plenty of time for that. Vienna is no longer a German city. Slav mestizos have overrun the place. A decent German is no longer respected.

Priests and Jews rule the country. These scoundrels have got to be thrown out! Austria must be renewed through the Reich. I know that we cannot at once burst in with the Anschluss, but why do not these men carry on a German policy?


gespraeche mit hitler von hermann rauschning

He attended the Prussian Cadet Corps institute at Potsdam and in , he obtained a doctorate from Berlin University. He fought in World War I as a lieutenant [4] and was wounded in action. According to Rauschning, Germans in those areas were constantly put under pressure to leave Poland. In February, he became leader of the Danziger Landbund, a movement that supported the taking over of the Senate by the Nazis. Before, in , the Nazis in the Danzig popular elections became the second strongest force, as the electoral potential of the rural population in Danzig was discovered. In the summer of , Rauschning and the local Gauleiter met with Adolf Hitler in Obersalzberg to discuss happenings in Danzig. In foreign affairs, Rauschning did not conceal his personal desire to turn neighbouring Poland into a vassal state of Germany.


Gespräche mit Hitler

Nach der Wiedererstehung des polnischen Staates blieb Rauschning in Posen , wo er die Kulturarbeit der deutschen Volksgruppe leitete. Am Mai wurde er dort in die Freimaurerloge Zum Tempel der Eintracht aufgenommen. Vom Juni bis Dem kam der damals mittellose Rauschning nach, und es entstand ein Bestseller, der ab in mehreren Sprachen erschien.


Hermann Rauschning


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