Participating in EPCI is a natural consequence of our open attitude. Even though some evidence is required and plausibility checks are made, WWF is not auditing this information and relies on accurate data being provided by transparent producers. Therefore, WWF cannot warrant that the information presented in this rating is complete, accurate or up to date. Furthermore, WWF does not accept liability for any claims or loss or damage relating to the information contained in this document or shown on the EPCI website, including but not limited to for lost earnings, exemplary damages, consequential damage or claims based on negligence. WWF ensures its objective assessment of all participating companies through the use of a stringent and clear methodology and the application of monitoring processes.

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Your success drives us. Java Paper Group has been processing its paper story for the past 30 years. Our extensive partner and supplier network and ongoing research ensure that our customers get the best quality for their investment, for paper variants, packaging boards, specialty papers.

Paper is more than just paper at Java Paper Group. To us, it is a medium that inspires, connects and creates new experiences. In all Java Group products, you will find care and thoughtfulness that make them stand out from ordinary paper.

Key to this is quality. One can rely on us because we supply top quality premium paperboard in Mumbai to various sectors. The first impression lasts. Make sure the quality of your packaging matches the top quality of your products.

To meet your high demands on appearance, functionality, sterility, strength, purity, and safety, Java Paper Group offers a wide range of reliable, high-performing premium paperboard. This ensures that you get the kind of quality that reflects well on your brand. We have transformed ourselves from a small company to one of the trusted companies among the premium paperboard industry in India.

Our company has evolved through numerous milestones in our history that have changed the face of the company, but our values and culture have remained steady.

Premium Paperboard packaging is everywhere. From the supermarket to retail stores, our growing industry plays a crucial role in driving sales and protecting the products consumers love. Quality and reliability have been our by-words for over three decades. We are constantly in touch with the market and stay in tune with the industry standards to fulfill client needs.

They combine cutting-edge technology and environmental innovation to deliver the scale and quality that customers expect. The premium paperboard industry in India is huge and choosing the correct dealer is very important for your business. When you choose Java Paper Group, you gain a global partner with end-to-end service and unique expertise. You can look forward to having a worry-free supply of paper products, flexible packaging, premium paperboard, and more delivered to you on time and on budget.

We provide both local and imported paper and premium paperboard product packaging boxes in varying budgets as per your requirement. We put your needs at the heart of everything we do.

At Java Paper Group, we take great pride in the quality of our packaging paper. Java Paper Group caters to a broad market in the premium paperboard and packaging segment from industrial packaging, consumer packaging, printing and converting paper, to corrugated boxes Enabling your success is the ultimate goal. So how do we get you there? Why are we so committed to you, our customer? The answer is simple: When you win, we win. Also, we will aim to deliver top-notch premium paperboard and be an excellent company by strengthening and building trust with the consumer.

Every day, we invent the future of paper in India.


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