While you can add your sanitizer manually, many pool owners prefer to automate the process and not handle chlorine any more than necessary. You load it up with tabs, put the cap back on and chuck it in the pool. Water passes through, slowly dissolving the tablets, while the dispenser continually floats about, dispersing the chlorine. Floating chlorinators are cheap and easily replaceable however they offer no control over the amount of sanitizer dispensed. If you are looking for quick and easy with no technology, this might be your best option.

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The salt dissolves in the water, and the pump pushes it through a chlorine generator that separates the sodium chloride in the water, producing chlorine. The Intex system gives the pool a low dose of chlorine keeping the pool clean without irritating skin, eyes or bleaching clothes.

Items you will need Plain salt check manual for amount Water Chlorine tester strips Sodium tester strips Install the Intex chlorine generator to your existing pool pump system according to the instruction manual. Intex chlorine generators are made for all models of above ground pools, but are not available for concrete pools. The models each hook up in different ways, so you need to consult the manual.

Make sure that water is flowing in the direction indicated on the chlorine generator. Add one pound bag of salt for every 1, gallons of water. Do not use yellow or iodine salt. Go to a pool supply company, and get salt for the pool. Since the early s, salt water pools were used in Australia, and since , all countries started using salt water in the pools.

Many hotels, schools and home pools have switched over to salt water. The salt content is about the same as a human tear. Test the water with a sodium tester strip according to the instructions on the label. Place the strip in a small cup of pool water for five minutes, and check the strip. If you have too much salt, run plain water into the pool for about 20 minutes and check the sodium level again.

Set the chlorine generator according to the instruction manual for the amount of hours the chlorine is generated. When activated, the chlorine generator makes a low amount of chlorine constantly. Set the generator, so that it runs near the time you usually swim, but not while you are swimming. You can choose one to 12 hours.

The pool is ready for swimming. Warnings Never swim in a pool when the chlorine level is too high. The Intex chlorine generator lights up green on the control panel when chlorine is produced. A red light tells you either the salt is too low or too high. Test the salt to determine what is needed. Let it generate at least six hours during hot weather and at least three during cool weather. It needs to run every day for chlorine level maintenance.

Heat and sun leach chlorine from your pool, so check the chlorine often. If it stays too low, increase the time the generator runs. Always check the pool one hour before swimming, and turn on the generator for an hour if the chlorine is in the low range on the test strip.


Low Salt Error Codes

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We hope that the information on this page is of some benefit to you. The Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System is one of the best selling salt water chlorinators on Amazon and is available in 2 models — 7, and 15, gallon units. This unit is designed specifically for above ground pools and requires a filter pump with a flow rate between — 3, gph. This Intex system is an extremely affordable and easy way to convert your pool to salt water. Forget about adding chlorine and messing around with measurements etc. It is capable of delivering 5 GPH gallons per hour of chlorine.


Intex Sandfilter + Chlorinator Kombination 32mі 28676

Skip to content Low Salt Error Codes One problem that users have found with Intex saltwater chlorine generators is repetitive Low Salt Level errors — even when salt levels in your water are adequate. This is due to the chlorinator cell building up scale on the electrical plates. When you purchase a unit new, it should last several months without this problem coming up. Fortunately, this problem is fairly simple to fix. To correct this problem, you must disassemble your unit and remove the generator cell. If you look into the cell, you will see several metal plates that are likely overrun by a white scale.


Intex Ozon und Chlorinator Salzwassersystem 26666


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