But at the same time the box has lost in reliability indicators. Widespread breakage is failure of solenoids which already to run in Such breakage in twitching and breakthroughs at gear shifting is shown. From widespread breakages we can also note failure of the regulator of pressure and a full wedge of valves of the oil pump.

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I did notice a mouse had been living in the rain-tray area, but I inspected all the wires from there to the battery tray, and saw no chewed wires anywhere. At the begining of the thread you said that the transmission has a rough shift from 3 to 4. For advertising information click HERE. Originally Posted by tochtli83 When you begin to drive it, it feels like a slipping clutch. If it works thats great, just keep driving it to make sure it doesnt start to slip again.

An electrical problem affecting the pressure control solenoid can cause high pressure, but this will not only affect Originally Posted by tochtli83 Would a bad sensor only fail at low speeds? How does one check the resistance on the sensor? April 26th, On the bench its probably not an issue though, because gravity will hold everything down.

Seems kind of odd that it would work fine after jatfo car started moving. You also want to replace the wire harness. All you really need to do is split the case with the trans on the bench with the bellhousing facing jatci. They are replaced as set high and reverse clutch piston. Im on shopkey pro, for its not showing any Audi A3, A4 maybe? If you jam the pedal, it will go bonkers and shift like poo. I was thinking more of a software problem?

You will have to scan the TCM to be able to answer those questions. All were due to sensor failure. Auto trans fluid change or flush will not make a trans fail. There were indeed not all three gear always broken with the same error. What is the Problem? Sometimes you can see the crack when its bad, but most of the time its not visible.

I only say this due to the work required to get to these things. As i said before thats the 1 problem with this trans. Probably would be a good idea to change the fluid temp sensor and the G and G also. Related Posts.





List of Jatco transmissions



5-Speed Automatic Transmission (09A)


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