Kishicage Priyan Chef Time west very very bad apps. Mehndi Designs Apk v. I checked for all my friends and family and it is true for all. This time will come handy, if you get delayed elsewhere.

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From birth day any app can find Rashi. Where I should stay? Diploma Alerts Apk v. Too many unwanted ads. Return to Kumbakonam for overnight stay. Click stars to rate this APP! The session after finding the suvadi depends on what all you want to know, as per the various kaandams.

Our app scans your thumb and tells about your future. See All Kumbakonam Conversations. I request the app maker to do good informative app. I checked for all my friends and family and it jotthidam true for all. Top things to do in Kumbakonam In case you have finished it faster and you have time at your disposal, you may proceed to Thirunageswaram Raagu and reach Kumbakonam or Vaitheeswaram Jotgidam for night stay.

Allows an application to read from external storage. It is the worst and fake app jothiadm have ever seen,giving same judgements toeveryone,My actual Zodiac Sign is Taurus but its showing Capricorn,i amfemale too so i put left hand finger,and i checked right hand finger whichis for gents its showing taurus, however its changes its showing samecontents only.

These predictions were written on Palm Leaves. Crowds are spread out. All hotels in Kumbakonam Mostly true but don kno how its working!? Ezhuthani — Tamil Keyboard. Afrique Tv Direct channels Apk 2. If you are in Vaitheeswaran Koil, then after the Nadi, leave to Kanchanoor, Suriyanar Koil and reach Kumbakonam to proceed to Alangudi and Thirunageswaram if you have not covered it the previous day.

About this Apk file Apk version 4. Tamil Calendar Panchangam Just wanna say this is good app. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on This may be a delayed response and may not be useful to you, OP. See below the changes in each version:.

Nadi Jothidam Tamil Kai Regai josiyam palm reading v3. These are all the fake apps. So what is the best mode of transport to all temple? Idiot stupid nonsense my actual zodiac sign is Scorpio but johtidam is showingany other. Also want to visit all 9 Navakiraha temples. But I am recording this for the benefit of other travelers.

So much time l have checked. In Ancient days this nadi astrology was commonly used for Future Prediction. Version History Here you can find the changelog of Kairegai Palangal since it was posted on our website on Paati vaithiyam in Tamil — Mooligai Maruthuvam.

Since you are returning back on 25 from Kairgeai, advise would be to Hire a small car for the entire trip and space out temple visit on 24 and 25 so that you are not stressed out, as the temples are closed in noon. Second all written in tamil I and hundreds of like me are not able read or understand tamil so please make it 8n hindi or english at least. Related Posts.

EN 10253-4 PDF

Kairegai Jothidam



வெளிநாடு சென்று கோடிகளில் சம்பாதிக்கும் யோகம் உங்கள் கைரேகையில் உண்டா ?






Kairegai Jothidam | உங்க இதய ரேகை இப்படி இருந்தா மட்டும் இதை பாருங்க – கைரேகை ஜோதிடம்


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