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Does the thought of Chemistry ever strike fear in you? The concepts are showcased in the form of questions and answers are provided in a step-by-step format, thus simplifying them and making them easy to grasp. From the vinegar you use in cooking to the very toothpaste you use and medicines too, you can see various applications and innovations of Chemistry in your everyday life. Below are the details of all the chapters. The chapter also covers the topics like Nature of matter, its properties, and measurement, Law of Chemical combinations as well.

There is a whole topic of stoichiometry and stoichiometric Calculations that are covered properly in this chapter. This chapter includes various problems along with solutions and 36 questions by the end that students can solve to check their concepts. Chapter 2 — Structure of Atom This chapter covers the overall ideas and concepts regarding Atoms for students to get a clear understanding of this essential topic. It also explains the sub-atomic particles and atomic models in a very detailed manner.

By the end, we get an in-depth understanding of the quantum mechanical model of an atom. There are various problems with solutions in the middle of the chapter and 67 questions by the end for students to test their concepts. Chapter 3 — the classification of elements and periodicity in properties In this chapter, we understand the importance and necessity to classify elements.

There are many problems with solutions and 40 questions for students to solve by the end of this chapter. We also understand various theories in a very detailed manner such as Valence shell electron pair repulsive VSEPR theory, Valence bond theory, and Molecular orbital theory in this chapter. Many major topics like Hybridisation, Bonding in a few Homonuclear Molecules and Hydrogen bonding are also well-explained through various diagrams and chats.

There are 40 questions to solve in this chapter. Chapter 5 — States of matter In this chapter, we learn about the various states of matter that are gas, energy, and liquid. The detailed understanding of Intermolecular forces, Thermal energy, and their differences are discussed in this chapter. The complete concept of gas with topics like law of gas, gaseous state, ideal gas equations, and Kinetic molecular theory of gases are covered in this chapter in a very clear manner.

Further conceptual topics like Behavior of real gases, Liquefaction of gases and liquid state are also explained in this chapter. This chapter comprises 23 questions for students to test their knowledge. The prime topics covered in a clear manner are Measurement of Calorimetry, Enthalpy Change of a reaction along with different kinds of reactions.

We also understand the meaning of Spontaneity and Gibbs Energy change and Equilibrium by the end of the chapter. There are many problems with the solutions and 22 questions provided in this chapter to solve for the preparation of examination. Chapter 7 — Equilibrium This chapter solely deals with the concept of Equilibrium.

It starts with equilibrium with physical processes and chemical processes. Further, the chapter provides in-depth knowledge about the law of chemical equilibrium and its constant along with its application, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Constants as well. This chapter covers more prime topics like points influencing Equilibria, Solutions in Ionic Equilibrium, the complete concept about acids basis and salts together with Ionization.

There are 73 questions and many problems with solutions to practice the concepts in this chapter. It also covers redox reactions with respect to Electron transfer reaction, concepts of oxidation number with its proper definition and various important rules, types of redox reactions and electrode processes, basic oxidation methods and limitations.

The chapter comprises various problems with solutions and 30 questions for students to solve during the examinations. It further deals with the concepts of Dihydrogen that cover its preparations, various properties, and uses as well in a very detailed manner.

Then it also discusses the complete topic of Hydrides, physical properties of water, the structure of ice and water, its chemical properties and types of hardness as well. This chapter covers Hydrogen Peroxide in a very detailed manner as well.

In this chapter, there are many problems with solutions and 36 questions to solve by the end. Chapter 10 — The s- Block Elements This chapter talks about various elements like Alkali metals, its general characteristics, properties, and various other topics.

We understand the Biological importance of potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium as well. Then it moves on to the Alkaline earth metals by covering all its characteristics, properties and uses too. It also explains the diagonal relationship between Aluminium and Beryllium, Anomalous properties of Lithium, Important compounds of Sodium, Calcium, and Anomalous behavior of Beryllium.

In this chapter, we get familiar with various compounds of various elements and their uses as well. There are various problems with solutions and 32 questions to solve for the students in this chapter. Chapter 11 — The p- Block Elements This chapter covers a very important topic for the students.

It helps to understand the elements of the p-block from the modern periodic table, and differences in properties of these elements because of the impact of some electrons inside the different elements that are heavy. We learn about the Boron family; Anomalous properties, important compounds, and its uses. The chapter also has topics like the Carbon family; it trends, Anomalous behavior, allotropes, and compounds of silicon as well.

There are various problems with solutions and 38 questions to solve by the end of this chapter. Chapter 12 — Organic Chemistry - basic principles and techniques The chapter starts with a general introduction to the organic compounds, and then topics like Tetravalence of Carbon, structural representations of Organic Compounds together with its classification and nomenclature are explained in a very clear manner. We also get familiar with the term Isomerism, purification, organic reaction and qualitative analysis of organic compounds in this chapter.

There are 40 questions to practice for the students by the end of this chapter. The topics of Alkynes cover its properties, preparations, and reactions. It also explains the Aromatic Hydrocarbons, the structure of Benzene, its stability, and preparations, and then the concept of Aromaticity. The exercise by the end of the chapter includes 25 questions for students to solve. Chapter 14 — Environmental Chemistry This chapter is very important as it introduces the general environmental issues we face in our daily life.

In the chapter, we cover the topic of Environmental pollution; atmospheric, water, and soil which are further classified along with their causes and explained in a very detailed format. The environmental issues, strategies to control environmental pollution, green chemistry are some prime topics covered in a very clear manner in this chapter. There are 20 questions by the end for students to do in this chapter.

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