Enter text from picture: Cross check the position of the aircraft with other means of navigation every 15 minutes to verify that the position is still accurate. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Turn the KLN 90B off and back on so that the correct data base data is utilized. During this time, the visible satellites are being acquired and klnb from them is obtained. Some functions, such as nearest airport, nearest VOR, nearest NDB, Reference Waypoint, and trip planning, are operational but only to the extent that user-defined waypoints are utilized. The Calculator 5 Page cal 5 5.

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If there are numbers in the identifier, then a prefix is not used. Collecting new almanac data takes place automatically if the data is more than six months old. If the almanac data is out of date and needs to be collected, the KLN 90B will take a few minutes to acquire your present position usually about six 6 minutes, but not more than 12 minutes. NOTE: As an alternative, you can also enter the approximate latitude and longitude of your present position directly on the SET 1 page instead of entering a waypoint identifier.

Page Direct To - Procedure B 4. Press the right C. The cursor will be over the first character in the waypoint identifier.

The Direct To page is displayed on the left side and it con- tains the desired waypoint identifier. The right side will display the NAV 1 page, and the left side will return to the page which was displayed prior to pressing D unless the NAV 1 page was on the left side in which case the pages will revert to the state they were in prior to the direct to operation. Page The Navigation 5. Unlike any other pages, these pages may be selected and viewed on both the left and right sides of the screen.

Page The Navigation 2 Page nav 2 contains exactly the same information as the standard NAV 1 page but spreads the data out across the entire screen making it even easier to view.

The first format is in terms of the distance and radial from a nearby VOR. Page 22 90B is interfaced with a source of heading in a suitable format then a heading up presentation may also be selected. When the North up dis- play is selected, viewing the NAV 5 page is like looking at a navigation chart with North at the top. The range scale is displayed in the lower right corner of the NAV 5 page. Page 24 The map scale is also changed by using the left cursor button.

To change the map scale, press the left C to place the cursor over the map scale factor at the bottom left corner of the map display. Turn the left inner knob to select a map scale. Page 25 tation choices are the same as for the NAV 5 page: North up, desired track up, actual track up, or heading up if a proper source of heading is provided to the KLN 90B.

Remember that for actual track up, graphics are displayed only when the aircraft is moving at a groundspeed greater than 2 knots. Page Message Page 6. A remote message annunciator may also be installed in the aircraft instru- ment panel. Page 27 use airspace. If the special use airspace is a Class B, Class C, CTA, or TMA, the message page will also instruct you to see the Airport 4 page airport communications for the primary airport so that the correct com- munications frequency may be determined.

After displaying the SET 8 page on the left side, press the left C to turn on the left cursor function. Page The Airport 1 Page apt 1 Method 1: a. Rotate the right inner knob to select the first character of the desired identifier. Turn the right outer knob one step clockwise to move the cursor to the second character and then use the right inner knob to select the second character.

Page The Airport 2 Page apt 2 8. An arrow precedes the identifier if it is the active way- point. For example, RT 25 31 designates that runways 25 and 31 have a right hand traffic pattern. Up to airports may contain these remarks. A remark may contain up to three lines of eleven characters each. Letters, numbers, hyphens, and spaces may be used in the remark. Advance notice of arrival to customs officers is to be included in the flight plan transmitted to an FAA facility.


Honeywell KLN 90B GPS Abbreviated Operation Manual



Honeywell KLN 90B Installation Manual





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