Installation Instructions Locate the serial number sticker on the back of your frame. If Model Code VY appears on the sticker, your frame has the latest firmware and does not need this upgrade. If any other code appears, review the installation instructions, then click Download to upgrade the firmware on your Kodak EasyShare SV frame. If a USB cable is connected to your frame, disconnect it. On your remote control, press Home. Press the 4-way button to select Settings, then press OK.

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Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it Unleash the power of your pictures with a new innovative design. Get creative. Use the new photo greeting card templates to create personalized greeting cards at home in minutes. Stay organized. Share digitally. EasyShare software will let you share online or by e-mail without large attachments.

Improve your prints. Kodak Perfect Touch technology lets you print better, brighter pictures every time. To install and run EasyShare software, log on as an Administrator.

EasyShare software requires a minimum of MB of free hard disk space. Firewall software blocks features that require access to the Internet, such as emailing, ordering prints online, accessing online services, and using the EasyShare center. If you experience a problem, make EasyShare software a "trusted" application in the firewall configuration.

For best on-screen viewing, set your monitor resolution to by pixels or higher. A lower resolution may result in some user interface elements and pictures not displaying properly.

Installation Instructions: Verify that your computer meets the system requirements. Disconnect all accessory devices from your computer digital camera, camera dock, printer dock, photo printer, card reader, etc. Verify that you logged on to the computer using the administrator account. Close all programs. Download the software, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

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Kodak EasyShare SV710 7" Digital Picture Frame

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Kodak EasyShare digital picture frame — User's guide



Kodak SV 710 - EASYSHARE Digital Picture Frame Manuals


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