Contagion remained limited, investors largely continued to discriminate; and there were no stampedes among portfolio managers. The negative relationship with regulatory stringency may reflect common elements in the stringency of regulations applied to banks as well as fintech firms. RePEc kresl bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. That said, sovereign spreads have yet to revisit their previous highs on either local currency or dollar bonds. The EME turbulence reflected the confluence of three forces.

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Kazraramar Skip to main content. The financial vulnerabilities that we now see are, to some extent, one such example. If CitEc recognized a reference but did not link an item in RePEc to it, you can help with this form.

Global perspectives in nursing education. The authors find that the prevalence of zombie firms has ratcheted up since the late s, tending to rise in recessions but not kgiz falling back to previous levels during recoveries.

Volumes ran high, as banks off-loaded their loans onto an eager investor base. US term premia have fallen since the GFC, possibly reflecting reduced short rate uncertainty thanks to forward guidance and the zero lower bound and central bank asset purchase programmes.

Journal of Nursing Education, 41 7ss. Other economies, primarily those with larger current account deficits, smaller FX reserve cushions and higher inflation, saw their currencies fall considerably, especially if the political backdrop was unfavourable. The country has become critically important for commodity producers and EMEs — in fact, for the world at large. The third, not entirely unrelated, force was the re-emergence of signs that the Chinese economy might be weakening.

Despite the maturity of this expansion, the US economy, if anything, speeded up further. General contact details of provider: Cryptocurrencies do not serve as money, and they raise concerns regarding fraud and market manipulation as well as money laundering and illicit activities.

Globalization and social determinants of health: Working paper on grand challenges in improving global health. Toplum ve Iriz, 10, Moreover, the political and social backlash against globalisation and multilateralism adds to the fever. This result is common across all country groups and markets currency, capital and bond markets investigated in the study.

Applied to year government yields in the United States and the euro area in recent years, the models produce different estimates for the levels of the term premia, but broadly agree on the trends and dynamics. What happens next is, as always, hard to tell.

Will the patient continue to mend, as looked likely until the first quarter of this year, or will there be a relapse? The negative relationship with regulatory stringency may reflect common elements in the stringency of regulations applied to banks as well as fintech firms.

Covenants weakened further and prices often had to be adjusted upwards to clear the market following preliminary auctions. Policymakers kri market participants should brace themselves for a lengthy and eventful convalescence. Inevitably, emerging market economies EMEs felt the pain. Since fintech credit has not been tested over a full economic cycle, we need to learn more, including how best to address the challenges for regulators in ensuring adequate consumer and investor protection and overall financial stability.

Please note that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services. Odd as it may appear, the reasons are not hard to understand. TOP Related.


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