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Shelves: reviewed , fantasy , s Im giving this book three stars, but before we get into the review proper, I must ask; what happened to Weis and Hickman?

Looking at this book and comparing it to the original Chronicles or the Legends trilogy, it is like reading completely different authors. The language is much more simplistic, as if there is a fear of using too difficult of a vocabulary.

I know I read their earlier books as a kid, but it is not just nostalgia talking here, I pulled out my copies of the older books and there is a significant change in the vocabulary level. Has their writing quality gone down with age, or have they realized that many people such as myself discovered Dragonlance at a young age It does serve as a solid introduction to the fantasy genre and as such they have embraced this as a philosophy towards the series and are now writing it geared towards a younger audience?

Unlike the first two novels in this trilogy, this one is a story that I think actually adds to the original series… to a certain extent. Raistlin was mysteriously absent throughout the third book of the Chronicles and many readers wondered what all he was up to. Well, here is our chance to find out… and though it is obviously a fill in the gap sort of story, it is much better done than the previous two outings.

Here we find out exactly what Raistlin was up to in Neraka during Spring Dawning, we get to see his inner struggle over choosing sides in this conflict and we get a bit of a mystery over a mysterious assassin.

Overall I preferred this book to the other two. On the plus side, the story is far more interesting. There are cons though. As I focused on above, the writing quality is still down. On a more spoiler-ish note, view spoiler [do we really need another Fistandantilus battle?

Raistlin in it? Well, better have a fight with Fistandantilus! Also that mysterious assassin I mentioned earlier The first two, despite their many flaws, told their own story. This is a fragment of one, borrowing scenes and repeating events from Spring Dawning, in order to tell what are essentially the deleted scenes of that other book. Yes, there is a story here, but it relies so heavily upon the original that it feels like it never has a chance to be anything other than an experiment in filling in the blanks.

Overall, I stand by my assessment of this series as a whole that I mentioned in my review of book 2. This book, by far the best in this trilogy, is so boggled down by its structure and writing that it never gets a chance to really shine.

I will no doubt at some point go back and read the original Chronicles and Legends trilogy; and while I will accept that nostalgia is the main reason I love them, I will still get a satisfying tale as a whole.

These lost Chronicle books, sadly, I will likely never bother to reread. I think in general I would lump the Lost Chronicles in with perhaps the Tales subseries of books - not epic storytelling in the wider arc This one was my favourite of the "Lost Chronicles" books- particularly the end, it was great seeing how this storyline fit in with the end of the original Spring Dawning.


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