By William Robert Rich 10 Comments Director Curtis Hanson and his co-writer, Brian Helgeland, have taken a massively complex novel by James Ellroy and boiled it down to a no-flab screenplay that still eludes easy synopsis. A mass murder in a downtown cafe sets off an investigation that will spiral off in many directions, ultimately encompassing a prostitution ring that features girls surgically altered to resemble movie stars, drug-running mobsters, celebrity gutter journalism, police corruption, political blackmail, the racial biases of the LAPD and even a good, sexy love story. Confidential, the Los Angeles Police Department was a notoriously corrupt institution. Confidential, White Jazz , fictionalizes ill-favored facets of LAPD history in an expansive, seventy-eight chapter masterstroke that covers a wide array of characters and events from the years to

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Economy Booming! Postwar Optimism! Police photographers document crime scenes. The meat wagon hauls ex-button men to the morgue. Where will it end? City lights twinkle. Los Angeles. A place where anything is possible. A place where dreams come true. As the sky darkens, triple-kleig lights begin to sweep back and forth.

Valets hurry to park a line of elegant cars. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the future of Los Angeles! A behind-the-scenes power broker, Patchett exudes authority much more so than the Mayor does.

More applause. The Mayor wears a plastic smile, ignores it. A fireplug of a man, he hardly seems a public menace. Meyer Harris Cohen, Mickey C to his fans. You know Mickey. He runs dope, rackets and prostitution. He kills a dozen people a year. But who you may not know is bodyguard Johnny Stompanato.

Mickey works a sweat on the dance floor. A bottle of champagne pops; Stompanato reacts, nearly draws a pistol from his shoulder holster. As he laughs at himself The essence of sleaze, Sid is the publisher-photographer-writer of Hush-Hush magazine and keeper of inside dirt supreme.

As he continues Remember, dear readers, you heard it here first, off the record, on the Q. The Mayor has moved off to the side with the power brokers. Patchett is a presence. Beautiful weather. Affordable housing. And the best police department in the world to keep it all running smoothly.

My name? Joe Reno. The city? A big town. Full of all sorts of people. I like what I do. Something has to be done. As Pierce Patchett nods sagely. The police are waiting. As the last picker leaves the field, the bulldozers move in, leveling the bean rows to make way for a housing tract. A singularly ambitious man, Loew loves the spotlight. Mickey Cohen has just been sentenced to ten years in federal prison for failure to pay income tax. As the District Attorney for Los Angeles County, it is my pleasure to declare our great city organized crime free.

It is truly the dawning of a new day. Older, but also a tough hump, "Stens" sucks on a pint of Old Crow. The passenger door opens and Mickey Cohen bodyguard Johnny Stompanato slides in. Guinea handsome, Johnny wears his curls in a tight pompadour. Bud just stares at him. I heard you got a hard-on for wife beaters. BUD And you fuck people up for a living.

Capisce, shitbird? Stompanato smiles. Through the window, Bud watches a Salvation Army Santa palm coins from a kettle. I need money. Likes the ponies. Been pimping his wife to cover his losses. Knocks her around to keep her in line.

Stompanato holds up a slip of paper. Bud digs into his wallet, pulls out twenty bucks, exchanges it with Stompanato.

Stompanato smiles smugly, grabs a bottle of Scotch from the back. A neon Santa sleigh has landed on the roof. Through the front window, we see a fat guy browbeating a woman. Puff-faced, ish, she backs away as he rages at her. The Packard pulls up out front. Stensland could care less. We got to pick up the rest of the booze and get back to the precinct. BUD Central, this is 4A Send a prowler to Evergreen.

White male in custody. Code point one. Domestic assault and battery. Bud grips an outlet cord coming off the roof and yanks. A beat. The fat guy runs out to investigate, trips over Rudolph.

Bud pounces. Fat guy takes a swing, misses. Once, twice. Teeth skitter down the walk. Another face full of gravel. A cash roll and car keys. Bud looks over at her. BUD You got someplace you can go? She nods. Bud hands her the keys and the cash. BUD Go get yourself fixed up. Bud watches as she gets into a pre-war Ford in the drive.

She backs over a blinking reindeer as she goes. Kids and dogs? A Christmas party in full swing. Eating, drinking, and dancing. Star Brett Chase, seen earlier on television, is holding court.

LAPD Sgt. JACK Two sets. May I have this dance? The Actress storms off. Jack looks to Sid. JACK Is she?


L.A. Confidential

Mar 15, Realini rated it really liked it L. Confidential, based on the novel by James Ellroy This film is one of the most popular and it is placed at number on the list voted by audiences. A list with the other actors and their respective roles would reveal the immense talent involved in this production: Kevin Spacey -Jack Vincennes, Russell Crowe -Bud White, Guy Pearce-Ed Exley, Danny DeVito -Sid Hudgens Jack Vincennes is the policeman who wants attention, he has a corrupt arrangement with Sid Hudgens, who is the editor and owner of a tabloid which prints photos of arrests, important drugs captures, but also innuendo and salacious details when it has them. In exchange for money, Vincennes provides the details of the address and the photographer from the newspaper is waiting to get exclusive coverage One night, suspects of an assault on the police force are brought to the station and a number of those inside start beating the detainees, with Bud White trying to calm his partner in the first place and joining in the punishment when he is insulted.


L.A. Confidential: The Screenplay

Economy Booming! Postwar Optimism! Police photographers document crime scenes. The meat wagon hauls ex-button men to the morgue. Where will it end?


The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Dotaxe It would, Ellroy believed, remain tied to the printed page, too difficult for any screenwriter to adapt, and too toxic for any Hollywood producer to go near. Anything bother you about it? The movie is awash in superbly realized period details the cars, the clothes, the guns, the streetscapes, and even the furniture and ablaze with star power Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey as the leads; Danny. Makes me not want to see the movie again: Cop uncredited Marilyn Monroe Hossein Goudarzi rated it really liked it Aug 19, They never found the old man. Pierce Patchett can take care of himself.



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