Vuzshura Last Call is the second book in the Heat Wave series, and the series is aptly named. Gavin began to become the master manipulator in negotiations. Coming in with his suit and air of power, but then having that comfortable and sexy personality…. Gavin took one look at Sunny akannah knew she was the one. That is, until one sexy bartender has him tied in knots when he is sent to check out the bar she works at to possibly use as an inspiration for a future resort. Gavin McLeod came from a small town in North Carolina and has worked alnanah to become the second in command of one of the big company Holden Enterprises.

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Start your review of Last Call Heat Wave, 2 Write a review Shelves: romance , erotic , ebook , request Sunny Black is a strong-will woman who literally wears her mantra, never give up on her sleeve. Gavin McLeod is a suit in the body of a chiseled farm boy. Last Call is the second book in the Heat Wave series, and the series is aptly named.

Her characters are full of passion and heat, as the reader sees not only in the main characters, but the secondary characters as well. Gavin is tasked with buying a local bar on a strip of beach that is slated for development.

When the VP of Holden Enterprise shows up at the bar he meets the sexy, charismatic bartender, Sunny, soon to find out that she is the owner of the sought after bar. The two feel an instant attraction that will not be squelched. Sunny also raises her younger brother, who helps out at the bar.

Tommy is a loving brother who wants the best for his sister and is not totally convinced the Gavin is the man for her. Gavin must not only persuade Sunny that he is not the ruthless businessman but also her brother, that his feelings for her are sincere. I actually came to like her by the end of the book and hope to read more about her in another installment of the series. Lynne brings depth to her characters and stories.

As I read the book, I could picture in my head the places and people that she described. Her style of writing is edgy that can be transcribed into any small beach front to the largest of cities. I look forward to reading another book and series, and hope the characters from both book will make appearances in a third book.

A must read. Although he has had years of practice at the rich life; part of him is still craving that simple farm boy he used to be. When he is sent to an out of the way bar in a town that he spent his youth at he meets Sunny. Sunny moved to the small town with her younger brother tagging along. Saddled with having to care for her brother - they both put everything they could into the bar that became their home and their livelihood.

As the pieces fall into place their chance meeting ends up being far more orchestrated as they could have imagined.

Callie who is the daughter of Max Holden has had one plan for the last decade. But as Max is exposed Callie is faced with having to take a new outlook on her life and her choices. Can she give up on the idea of the perfect future with a man that can never love her - can she see her father for the man that he is Both characters had an instant attraction and were both likable, although their past was not focused on too much - it was lightly touched upon, but neither seemed to be weakened by what they went through.

In the end, the story was well written with likable characters that even brought Kevin from book one back into the fold slightly and I was glad to see that he is the focus of the next book.

I had no idea what to expect when I started with these books but I am pleasantly surprised with what I got. Some great romances that are well put together, solidly written and just enough twists to keep you interested. Although I tend to like my books a bit more heated and more angsty; this proved to be a very entertaining book without having to add in too much fluff to spice it up or infuse unnecessary drama into the mix.

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