The book deals with the search for afterlife. Les Thanatonautes is first in a five-part series. The book, which one could classify as philosophic science fiction with a hint of fantasy , takes us on a voyage to the last unexplored continent, death. The term thanatonaute is derived from "thanatologie", comes from the Greek god of death Thanatos and nautis navigateur and thus signifies navigator of death or explorer of death. The novel tells the story of a researcher Michael Pinson and his friend Raoul Razorbak who go explore the Ultimate Continent called New Australia : the continent of death. This adventure takes us across the different zones of the continent of the dead to the famous light.

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Notes: one of the founders of the Thanatonauts movement Weak spot: writer We have all heard of the visions of people who have gone through a clinical death or have come out of a coma. White tunnels, meeting friends who have died, dazzling light. But what happens when the President of a whole country goes through such an experience? It is most logical that he should encourage research in this field. And there is no lack of eager scientists. That is how they set out to explore the Continent of the Dead.

It may sound absurd, but a few centuries ago, it sounded just as absurd that there existed a continent east of Indonesia. Well, yes, but there was a real continent — with plains, trees, animals, aborigines!

To talk about the Australian lands was as strange as to look for the continent of death now. The analogy with Australia is even more complete, because the pioneers here are also prisoners, but the stakes are incredibly higher. In the beginning, as in every experiment, the death toll is high, but soon come the first successes. After entering a comatose condition artificially which is the easier part of the task , the volunteer must keep his connection with our world and at the same time investigate the Continent of Death in as much detail as possible.

Little by little, the map of this mysterious place starts growing. Just as naturally, the prisoners give way to inquisitive people with a free spirit, and successes are quick to follow. The trial determines its reincarnation or leaving the wheel.

If one has heaped up bad karma, he makes it up with his next life. He has a much harder start than people who have lived righteously. Well, with that knowledge, interesting times come to Earth. People become better, yet not because this is their way but because of petty selfishness. Mankind loses its will to live, evolve, advance. It merely goes with the tide, not living, but semivegetating.

The dessert in the book is, then, the moment that I believe has everyone excited by this point. What happens if you still have lessons to learn and lives to live? What is beyond the trial in the seventh area, beyond death? Still, in order to ask the right question, you must first know the larger part of the answer.


Les Thanatonautes (Le Livre de Poche)



Les Thanatonautes



Bernard Werber


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