Danos Those desiring freedom from hurt. Holding hatred inside yourself is more harm for you than the person being hated! Lots of good stuff in this book. With a Fundamental Feeling.

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Forgive and Forget is divided into 4 parts. Glad I did. This part talked about various acts from hurtful feelings by close friends and family, to rapes, crime victims, human atrocities. The author eloquently provided insightful comments as to how to go Masterfully written with a theological emphasis. The author eloquently provided insightful comments as to how to go about forgiving.

He even mentioned that some things are so unforgivable we have to let it go for ourselves and let God handle it. The primary theme I got from this short, easy to read book was that NOT forgiving can eat away at our souls, fundamentally changing us. To stay angry at a person changes us and wastes energy. It just means we have chosen to put the past behind us and move on.

The stages of forgiveness indicate that once we no longer wish someone harm, we are on the road to forgiveness. Seeds grow It takes time.

The section on Confusion mentioned having a disagreement with someone that manifested itself over time and to a point that we no longer remembered what we were angry about.

Over time the reason we were angry slips away, but we stay angry because of the length of time we harbored hard feelings. What a predicament! Also, it is important to forgive freely, not be manipulated into forgiving. Part IV Why Forgive explained how detrimental it is on our souls to harbor anger, resentment and hatred toward other people. Some people we need to cut from our lives, but let the anger go.

It takes time, sometimes years before we are able to completely forgive a person who wronged us. And it was impossible to completely forgive a person who was no longer alive. Best to clear the air before it is too late.

Example stories included: infidelity, rape, incest, good friend stabbing you in the back, co-worker stabbing you in the back, family squabbles, etc. Excellent book and another favorite from This Reader.


Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve


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Forgive & Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve


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