Carbon brushes are one of the most commonly replaced power tool parts. This is because carbon brushes are wear items, meaning that through friction and use they will gradually wear away until they need replacing. Worn brushes are a common causes of intermittent motor function, reduced electric braking and reduced motor power. A worn-out brush will often be worn down near to the wire lead and can be cracked, pitted, or burned.

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Makita Woodworking Spares How to find tool and model numbers Your model number can usually be found on a data plate on the back, side or on underside of the tool. Need more help? Buy Makita Spare Parts We have sold and serviced Makita power tools as a company for over thirty years.

Makita as a Japanese Company have consistently produced innovative, high quality power tools for the trade and industry. We have a good working relationship with them and find their business approach positive and helpful. Their power tools are also backed up by a comprehensive and well stocked Makita spare parts inventory.

Makita were probably the first power tool company to offer cordless drills to the UK. Indeed there was a time when most joiners used the Makita dw as their first choice drill driver.

Today Makita offer an excellent range cordless, electrical, and petrol power tools. The latest generation of cordless tools includes the new range of Lithium-ion battery technology and Makstar gear boxes. Voltages of tools range from 7. The chainsaw brand of Sachs Dolmar and water pump and strimmer brand Robin were aquired and absorbed into Makita. Many of the models in this outdoor range are unchanged rebranded models from Sach dolmar and Robin. The outdoor petrol power products includes petrol chainsaws, brush cutters, stimmers, line trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers, electric hedge trimmers, pole pruners, electric lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers, petrol water pumps, electric water pumps, scarifiers, shredders, log splitters, hole borers, power washers, leaf blowers, compressors and petrol disc cutters.

Portable saw blades come under M Force ,Mak force and specialised ranges. Stationary saw blades come under Makblade plus and Makblade ranges. Although Makita power tools have a good record of durability and reliability, at times repairs will have to be made and spare parts will be required. From our experience most repairs are economical and spares are readily available. We order Makita spare parts 5 days a week for delivery to us the following day. The most commonly asked for spares for corded products are carbon brushes, switches, drive belts, armatures, fields, sanding bases, graphite and cork pads.

On the cordless products the most commonly requested spares are motors, carbon brush sets, switches, chucks and batteries. The most requested spares on the petrol products are strimmer heads, ignition units, piston and cylinders. All but the very latest models can be found on our website. If you can not find what you are looking for or have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


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