Makita Canada Inc. Any other associated costs of repair will be the responsibility of the owner of the line trimmer. Personal Information Of Customer Any personal information collected from the owner of the line trimmer will be kept in confidence by Makita Canada Inc. It will be used only for our records in documenting any repairs associated with this recall and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

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While I grew up beside my grandfather that does everything from metalwork, woodwork, plastic work and even watch repairing all as a hobby , this scrollsaw is what started me in woodworking. Bought initially to do modifications for my computer casing to do acrylic cutting, it did not take long before I was cutting wood. I found a website that boasts great works with the machine and I was hooked. It came in this box. Included in the box: Two allen wrenches, a round wrench for locking the head in place while replacing the blade , six pinned type blades, the warranty registration and the owners manual.

This scrollsaw is variable speed which is something you want in a scrollsaw. Prevents burned cuts and blade overheating. The ON switch is easily accessible in front as well as the speed control. It will accept pinned type and plain blades. This makes buying better and thinner blades. Pinned types are limited to thick ones and less options. I have removed the hold down clamps which limits cutting fast and fast turns.

And the dust blower works great at keeping the cutline visible at all time. And is easily adjustable with the front lever. And shown is the dust control port for vacuum attachment. It comes with a minimal 1. The base is made of cast iron which adds to its weight to reduce vibration. My Verdict: This machine is built like a tank except for the table which could have used another type of material other than aluminum. As any Makita item locally, accessories are very hard to come by, even from their distributor.

Overall, this machine is a good buy compared to what our limited market is limited to. My rating:.


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