Richard Bartlett D. Founder of Matrix Energetics Co-Instructor Our experiential seminars are designed for all to play, learn and manifest amazing new possibilities. Seminars are open to students of any background - whether you are an experienced healing practitioner or have little or no medical or wellness background, you can easily learn to play with the morphic field of Matrix Energetics to help yourself and help others. Based on widely known scientific principles of Quantum Physics and lesser - known Russian Torsion Physics, this powerful system of transformation is easy to learn and even easier to experience, no scientific background required. Experience the science and art of transformation.

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Twitter Dr. Putting all talk of quantum physics and morphogenetic fields aside for a moment, Dr. How do we get out of our minds long enough to manipulate the waves of probability?

How do we even wrap our minds around what seems to be a healing technique, but actually is a state of mind? For more information, visit www. Physicist William A. Tiller, Ph. Bartlett seems to be doing the same thing as spiritual faith healers who touch their followers and watch them crumple to the floor.

In a phone interview with Edge Life, he does his best to explain the unexplainable, even suggesting that Matrix Energetics possibly touches upon the miraculous work of one of the greatest masters of manipulating space and time that we know — Jesus.

You write that Matrix Energetics is not a technique, but a state of mind. Can you elaborate on that? If it is just a technique, then you limit it by the expression of what you believe it can do. You write in Matrix Energetics that we have amazingly low expectations for what we think we can get back from the universe or out of life. Why is that? RB: I think our expectations are based upon what we have gotten back from our environment, not what we have gotten back from the universe.

RB: Imagination defines the parameters of your consciousness. Whatever you can imagine, they say you can achieve. There is a brilliant and maverick scientist,Tom Bearden, who says that we talk about physical laws, but he believes there are no physical laws. Physical laws are a boundary state based upon what we can actually imagine being possible. He believes that the idea of a natural law is unnatural and that you can do anything that you can imagine, but it might take your whole life just to figure out how.

In your book you bring up the idea that if you can imagine you can put your hand through a wall, you probably could do it at some point, but there is collective consciousness that keeps that from happening. Rupert Sheldrake talked about morphic resonance or morphic fields [wiki: patterns that govern the development of forms, structures and arrangements]. Morphic fields gave him the idea of morphogenetic fields, which provide information to the DNA to create a living structure.

The DNA is like an antenna for that information that then informs the species on how to develop, what qualities to develop and even controls, to a certain degree, the evolution of that species. If you take that further, you see that morphic fields are fields of information — patterned information in action at a distance.

Morphic fields take on the qualities that are programmed into them — the expectations, the thoughts, the creativity, the ideas — and then they organize around those thoughts and ideas. The more you feed into those ideas or those patterns, the more powerful those fields become.

So when you have a certain idea, expectation, ability or even physicality, you have a field that you tap into, and then that field provides the information for how to do that, how to perform it, how to become it.

As long as you play by the rules that are ingrained within that field, then you have guidelines for what you are able to do. How does Matrix Energetics relate to quantum physics?

It may be one of those morphic fields we are talking about. In the film What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, it showed the idea that whatever you believe something to be, for instance when you die, that is exactly the parameters that you will find yourself in. But what if quantum physics is one of those fields of information we believe because we put information in and have a map that suggests the universe works this way.

We have programmed it to work that way. So there may be some other more mindblowing fields beyond quantum physics. RB: Absolutely. What is the matrix? If you think about the idea that morphic fields basically create information — and if all things are composed of light and information — that means that the morphic fields that we dwell in basically create the grid of consciousness that determine what we are able to perceive, be, sense, and evolve into.

So, we may just be living in a grid of our own illusion. So whatever you believe you will perceive is what you perceive. Perhaps when you leave a room, it no longer exists. One of his ideas is that there is literally nothing out here out there other than a bunch of waves and patterns of interference that we then construct with our eyes, which are visual detectors of this information.

Years ago, I was actually treating Basil Hiley and we had a power outage. What is the goal of Matrix Energetics? Describe the art of the Two-Point, the procedure described in the book that allows you to apply Matrix Energetics in connection with another person.

RB: The Two-Point is based upon quantum physics mythology. What it does is it allows you to perform a measurement. In the Bible, it says with one measurement you measure, the same measurement will be metered out to you. So, your measurements are based upon your perceptual bias. But we can all agree, because we have agreed, that this is so many inches, or we can measure in feet, or we can measure in smells or sounds or feelings.

The Two-Point creates one point that is your starting point for observation, what you would call your reference point. Then you pick another point that you arbitrarily can relate to the second point. For example, say you identified one point on a human body and say it feels stuck, hard or rigid.

That feeling of connection then allows you to make a measurement. At the quantum level, the act of measuring collapses the wave function of what you are observing. Observer and observed become entangled. At that point, miracles are possible. As the person who is performing the art of the Two-Point, what exactly are you doing during this process? RB: As little as possible. That happens beyond time and space. You have to go to a point of timelessness and spacelessness where you are in between your thoughts.

Matrix Energetics actually occurs in between your thoughts. Is something happening? You have to give the conscious mind something to do, and the measurement actually tricks the left brain into becoming engaged. When it does that, in the space between becoming engaged anything can happen.

So during the art of the Two-Point, the process of making the two observations tricks the mind to go into the No Mind? RB: Anybody that wants to show up, please come. We make assumptions that we know what something is based upon our perceptual bias. If you can drop your perceptual bias, you can absolutely learn from the unknown.


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