Share While teaching in India, I adapted to my new terrain and quickly learned that my expectations needed to be modified. I was used to mega showings that were commonplace at American schools. The Indian book market favors books published and distributed in the UK. Can you judge a book by its cover? But, I eagerly purchased it along with a few other books that had less striking covers. My fifth grade class, a cross section of affluent Indians and expats, had mixed reviews.

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The bird with golden wings book review Bhumika Goel 0 comments Introduction The bird with golden wings is another beautiful collection of short stories by the versatile author Mrs Sudha Murthy. The stories in this collection are purely based on the wit and magic philosophies.

There are total 21 story titles in the book. Each story is unique and full of entertaining content. Many stories from the collection validate the proverb what you sow, you will reap.

The writer profoundly tells the result of bad karmas in some stories. The other fascinating stories make the reader realize that with the wit and common sense we can overcome the problems. No problem is bigger than our own courage, intelligence and willingness to solve it.

There are stories that would make you believe in the power of magic. The magical people, there appearance and exit from the characters life. The different scenarios let us witness fantasies of the magical world for a short while. The stories are not very overwhelming. The tales are short and easy to read for children. The Content The book begins with the story of a greedy lady.

The greed of becoming rich and powerful turns to be the most disastrous wish of her life. The story is well crafted to convey the message of the writer. The second story is notable enough however not very fascinating.

It highlights the mathematic and witty aspects of clever human to handle any difficult situation. The story of the clever and humble prince is an interesting read.

There is nothing new in the story still it keeps the reader occupied. The intelligent prince identifies the par skills of three learned men. How he employs them to work for the kingdom is the interesting subject of the tale. The other stories are full of magical and witty stories. The story of sea water turning from sweet to salty is attractive. The learned cook who helped the teacher to save the school is also noteworthy. The bird with the golden wing is the eighth tale from the book.

The bird rewards her for her generosity. Kindness is always rewarded. My favorite part of the book is the last story of the collection. The story was hilarious and I could not stop laughing out loud reading it. Maybe there is a personal reason behind this.

And let me share it here I always hated soya bean. The author here truly did a fair job to highlight the high energy-rich value of the vegetable. But seriously the story is funny and some better character would have been identified to be the source of the poor yet rich soya bean. Recommendation This is a very nice collection of stories by the versatile author Sudha Murthy. The book is written in easy to understand language. The stories are fascinating, hilarious and motivating.

However, this book lacks the sheen of her earlier works. The illustrations in the book are very attractive and engaging. The drawings brought life to the story characters. The book is good to add to collection.


The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic



The Bird with Golden Wings


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