Do you sometimes feel drained of vitality by certain people? Are there specific patterns with your health, prosperity, or relationships that you can never seem to break? As Cyndi Dale teaches, these are some of the most common signs that we have damage to our energetic boundaries. Over six sessions, she teaches you how you can identify the seven most common syndromes that affect our energetic fields—and provides essential practices for creating healthy, flexible boundaries that protect you from harm while inviting supportive forces into your life. In her experience as both a scholar and a healer, Cyndi Dale has found that working directly with our energetic boundaries is often the most effective way we can make immediate, positive changes in our lives—and share who we truly are with the world. Highlights: Your four energetic boundaries—techniques to enhance the health of your physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual borders Self-diagnosis instructions for determining where your boundaries are weakest—and practical ways you can strengthen them The seven energy boundary syndromes—identifying the most common symptoms of damaged boundaries How to signal the world that you are ready for success and prosperity Special guidance for healers, sensitives, and people whose work regularly exposes them to strong emotional forces How healthy boundaries allow us to balance intimacy and personal autonomy in relationships and parenting Related products.

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Let me explain. While traveling in Morocco several years ago, I had a clarifying dream about my purpose. I was walking the sands of the wild Sahara and a young man approached me. He waved his hands and rows of small businesses appeared, with people standing outside of them. Apparently, I had supported these individuals in unlocking their spiritual gifts, accessing their intuition, embracing their purpose, even healing the blocks standing in the way of achieving all good and great things.

He led me to a very small store, the type you can only enter single file. On a countertop was a small glass case with a pair of rose-colored eyeglasses in them. My job was to wear these eyeglasses and perform one simple task: To see a client the way that the Divine perceives them. It seems there was a new pair of glasses in the case for each person. Whether you are looking for healing or manifesting, are representing yourself or a business, or participating in individual sessions, group, or class, I promise to see through the right eyeglasses for you.

I do this by offering individual intuitive and healing sessions, teaching classes, and consulting with groups and businesses. This blessed task keeps me busy. What else keeps me busy? My two sons are my pride and joy. My oldest is on his own and changing the world through politics. My youngest is now six foot tall and still growing.

Little wonder that he can. He keeps me busy with laughter, tons of teen friends, pizza deliveries, and baseball--a lot of baseball. Then there are the dogs.

What can I say? The yellow lab is a huge couch potato with an always-wagging tale. Puppy is…well, a puppy. His obsession is barking at the garbage can. The Intuition Guidebook The Intuition Guidebook provides help for those who feel they are too sensitive, leading readers through the gifts involved with being psychically sensitive, where each of these gifts comes from, and how to control them.

Everyday Clairvoyant Professional clairvoyant and best-selling author Cyndi Dale has provided intuitive consulting and healing to more than 30, individuals, helping them lead more happy, successful, and fulfilling lives. Now she shares true personal stories and practical advice on how intuition can help you with everything from everyday concerns to major life decisions.

Kundalini Renowned intuitive healer Cyndi Dale presents concise yet comprehensive guidance to help you truly understand kundalini energy and how to use it to transform your life spiritually and physically. Attracting Prosperity through the Chakras You hold the key to your personal prosperity—you just have to know which door to unlock.

Togetherness Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love is a revelatory guidebook for discovering that the love you want is achievable. Beyond Soul Mates Whether you are seeking someone new or transforming an existing relationship, Beyond Soul Mates will show you how to love with the truest, most enlightened part of yourself. With The Subtle Body Practice Manual, she offers an equally valuable resource: a practical instruction manual for putting energy healing into action.

For each of the 11 types, she suggests complementary lifestyle habits to produce perfect physical and spiritual health. With Your Energetic Boundaries, this renowned intuitive and energy medicine expert presents a complete training course for maintaining this essential aspect of your health and personal integrity. New Chakra Healing begins where the traditional seven-chakra system leaves off. Cyndi Dale explains how to work with the energy of the back sides of the chakras, as well as 20 other spiritual energy points.

Subtle Energy Techniques Join Cyndi Dale on a journey into the world of subtle energy, exploring auras, chakras, intuition, and the basics of her two main energy techniques: Spirit-to-Spirit and Healing Streams of Grace.

Awaken Clairvoyant Energy Attract more of what you love into your life, travel between lifetimes, connect with the deceased or a child yet to be born, and much more by using your clairvoyant talents. From healing and manifesting to clearing blocks, using future sight, and understanding the chakras, this wonderful guide helps you explore many topics and grow through the power of your energetic abilities. Raise Clairaudient Energy Obtain the guidance you need to make better decisions, improve your health, and take purposeful action with renowned author Cyndi Dale.

This essential guide helps you enhance your spirituality and attract great opportunities. Travel, Training, and Work On a daily basis, I serve as an intuitive coach, energy healer, and business advisor. Clients are commonly referred by professionals, including psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists.

I also offer training, classes, and apprenticeship programs around the world. I also love leading my one-year Apprenticeship Program, an in-depth developmental process of the spiritual gifts; and providing to people in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing. My training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing across the world, taking me into the Peruvian, Belizean, Hawaiian, and Costa Rica jungles, the Moroccan sands, the Venezuelan savannahs, the glaciers of Iceland, and other exciting places.


Your Energetic Boundaries – How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life


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Your Energetic Boundaries



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