History More The Arahat Athersata is also the first level or plane where dwell the pure spirit forms. It takes a spirit 60 to 80 billion years to evolve into this pure spirit form. It is also the name of a book transcribed by Billy Meier that contains advice to the Earth human from pure spirit forms on the Arahat Athersata plane. Quote from Contact Report 3 Semjase

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In the middle of all earthly events, the human stands with the globally highest developed spirit-form. He has all the things of this world to place into order and to value them according to the all-encompassing unitary law of creational order, recognisable in all earthly laws of nature.

As an individual, the human has various tasks to which he is obliged responsible : 3. Als Einzelwesen hat der Mensch verschiedene Aufgaben, die ihm obliegen: 4. As first he is obliged responsible to the task of preserving his life for the duration of his developmentally given time; as second, he has to pay heed to the fulfillment of the duty, to further develop himself spiritually and consciously in the best possible way and to acknowledge the spiritual evolution as an important truth.

As a community-being he is obliged responsible for the task of preserving his species kind , and to instruct and educate his offspring in the meaning sense of the spiritual teaching.

Als Gemainschaftswesen obliegt ihm die Aufgabe, seine Art zu erhalten und seine Nachkommenschaft im Sinne der geistigen Lehre zu unterrichten und zu bilden.

But further, the task is imposed on him to align and integrate himself into a naturally ordered community, which does likewise guarantee an evolution in every relation regard , as nature visibly and livingly examplifies. The preservation of the human species is not based on a formula of simple propagation augmentation , as such the erroneous teachings of earthly religions proclaim. Die menschliche Arterhaltung liegt nicht in der Formel einer einfachen Vermehrung, wie dies die Irrlehren irdischer Religionen verkunden.

That the human of the Earth renders the compliance of the simple propagation augmentation and disregards all creational-natural laws, is recognisable for every human who moves himself even slightly on consciousness-based, developmental pathways: Boundless and without stopping, the humankind augments itself and procreates offspring in uncontrollable, unholy form. Masslos und haltlos vermehrt sich die Menschheit und zeugt Nachkommen in unkontrollierbarer, unheiliger Form. While your Earth is able to carry and nourish million human life forms, the earth human begot 3.

Through irrationality and religious erroneous-teachings of the earth-human, the mass of the humanity was driven into boundlessness, through which those problems that were restricted to a few humans and containable, have spread onto a nameless mass and became uncontrollable. And so, with the reckoning and disregard of the law of preservation of species, in only a few centuries, the humanity was driven into a mass of overpopulation, and inevitably rose all the problems, hardships and Ausartungen [2] with it.

When the Earth-human lives in the right sense in the fulfillment of his task, he then lives in the ironclad order given by the Creation. As he disregards this order and steps out of it, then he has to taste and bear the consequences. Da er diese Ordnung aber missachtet und aus ihr hinaustritt, hat er die Folgen zu kosten und zu tragen. But the human of the Earth has stepped on this order with his feet and grossly disregarded - and now he has to bear the consequences of this.

As one of the most important duties of the material life-domain of the earthly humanity, it is to heed, that the overpopulation is contained in the strongest measure, and the number of human beings finds its state in the normal million-norm.

The reality grants only this number of Earthly-human life forms, so this value must be set back again. Die Wirklichkeit gestattet nur diese Zahl irdisch-menschlicher Lebensformen, so dieser Wert wieder hergestellt werden muss.

Pursuing this path is not simple and not easy, because understanding and reason must first prevail, in order to recognise the aim of fulfillment. The way to the fulfillment is the following: Der Weg zum Ziele ist aber der: All those who administrate the fate of the Earth, the responsible ones, they have a regulation to issue and be concerned for its success, that no family begets more than three descendants distributed over a ten year duration.

Alle jene, welche die Geschicke der Erde verwalten, die Verantwortlichen, haben eine Regelung zu erlassen und auf ihren Erfolg bedacht zu sein, dass keine Familie mehr als drei Nachkommen zeugt verteilt auf zehn Jahre Dauer.

No male-human life form under thirty life-years shall beget descendants, and likewise not over forty life-years. As the first recommendation it shall be valid, that in the exorbitantly overpopulated states an absolute regulation for a birth-stop for a duration of seven years is issued, through which the population-size decimates itself in natural succession. The sustainable population size for the Earth may be calculated according to the number of square kilometers of prolific land fertile to bring forth much and continuously fruit [3].

This counts also for each individual country, and each individual state. The truth of the natural law for nourishment and preservation of life is, that per square-kilometer of prolific land just no more than 12 human life forms are permitted to be calculated. A square-kilometer of prolific land is able to nourish 12 human life-forms without worry, next to all the present animals of the free nature and the animals of human needs, without that the human with his "orderly" sense-of-disorder "has to" bring "order" in the wilderness of nature and into the actual natural order.

Any famines will be remedied and various diseases will be muffled as germs, when this law is followed and heeded. Thereby, also the problems of the environment-pollution and air-pollution will be solved, next to the many other cohesive problems.

Wars and other collateral excesses will be reduced in the greatest measure, and the Earth-human learns again, that the person next to him is in truth his fellow person, and that among each other the humans are reliable upon each other. The love and harmony will attain their validity again, and peace will make a return on the Earth.

Therefore the first recommendation of the day [4] and all time, is that the human population size is held and reduced back to a standard measure, because the unsolvable problems rest in the earthy overpopulation of the human life-form.

The way to the fulfillment is far and hard, and first the reason must be victorious in Earth humans. Der Weg zun Ziel ist weit und hart, und erst muss die Vernunft im Erdenmenschen siegen.

Still the named way is in truth the only one that leads to the fulfillment, because there is no second way and no way of compromises. The human of the Earth shall therefore be concerned that the named way is pursued and leads back himself and the Earth to a natural normality. Among the earth-humans there is no equality, rather only differenceness everywhere. From human to human this differenceness is taken into account, which splits and separates one from another.

Von Mensch zu Mensch ist dieser Unterschiedlichkeit Rechnung zu tragen, die sie untereinander spaltet und trennt. The powerful rules over the weak and threatens him in his existence. The mighty does not exercise his might according to the natural order, which says that the strong govern the weak instructively and protect him from injustice and evil, as this can be seen in free nature.

In nature, the equality of every life-form stipulates the right of the stronger to govern, teach and protect. But with the human, an account is made of the differenceness, and skillfulness and cleverness, with which the weaker are oppressed and exploited. But the one oppressed by the stronger wraps himself in a cloak of humility, of slavishness and acquiescence, and thereby loses any initiative to rebel against the unfairness and the desire for dominion of the one who is stronger, while the stronger one establishes himself in his position of might even more.

From these different dispositions, the humanly leadership and the crass inequality among human beings grow out. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.


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Faut His bones showed prominently. Later he became an Arahat. It was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC, with caves prepared and donated by devotees to the Buddhist Sangha. Four Bodhi trees from Sri Lanka were grown at four corners. The fierce flames burst forth.



Buddhists made a sharp distinction between their arhats and Indian holy men, and miraculous powers were no longer central to arhat identity or mission. Buddhahood is too difficult to attain. In the Pali Canon , the word tathagata is sometimes used as a synonym for arhat, though the former usually refers to the Buddha alone. This attainment is termed the nibbana element with a residue remaining.

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