When Bec was in her teens, a tunnel was opened which granted the Demonata access to the human world, and Ireland was overrun by hoards of monstrous demons. The people of the rath had to defend themselves from these creatures, but many died in the battle, including Banba, thus leaving Bec without a teacher or a guardian. He implied that he required help, and Bec was compelled by a vision to join the group of warriors who volunteered to assist the boy. This ultimately leads her to encounter the Druid Drust , who offers Bec and the warriors the opportunity to help him close the tunnel through which the demons came.

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Edit Bec is a young orphan living in a small ringfort in Celtic Ireland who is studying to be a priestess. Her teacher, Banba, believes she can one day prove herself useful to the clan they live with. It is a time of great change - Christians have arrived at the island and many clans have already converted to the new religion. Bec is worried - where will a priestess of ancient magic like her fit into the new world? But then her people are faced with a far greater threat - demons invade and take over much of the island.

Night becomes a time of fighting and bloodshed. The world seems poised to fall to the demon invaders. They go with him. During their journey, they encounter many demons, including the terrifying Lord Loss , with whom Bec engages in a battle. She appears to absorb power from him, and after the encounter begins to learn magic at a phenomenal rate.

Drust gets worried, and asks her for permission to go into her mind like Dervish Grady asks Grubbs in Slawter.

He discovers that Lord Loss had given Bec part of his power, opening up her magical side, though no one knows for what purpose. After a long journey, they arrive at the cliffs. Lord Loss appears, intrigued by a chessboard Drust got from the Elders. He is then thrown out magically, and places a geis a demon curse on them. Although dismissing it as untrue, the group are immediately affected by the geis; Orna is killed by her undead children.

They arrive at the coast, where they share a small battle with some demons, and, according to Connla, Ronan is forced over into the sea and Fiachna is wounded badly.

That night Bec and Drust use magic to go down into an underwater cave, and they meet the mystical Old Creatures , who tell them where the tunnel is and how to destroy it. It emerges that a druid or priestess must be sacrificed, which reveals why Drust needs Bec. Back on dry land, while Bec and Drust are talking about the sacrifice, Bran overhears and tries to help. The group find some horses which help them reach their destination in time, but Fiachna is soon abandoned after his wound becomes life-threatening.

Brude opened the tunnel and let the entire demon race loose on the Earth to prevent all of Ireland converting to Christianity. It transpires that Drust was motivated because he knew his brother had unleashed the demons. Connla betrays the group, revealing he was working for Lord Loss all along and it was he who caused all the deaths of the others of their party.

Bec pushes him under a waterfall , breaking his protective spell of demonic blood and allowing the demons to slaughter him. Lorcan and Goll are also attacked and die in battle. Drust tells her to use him as the sacrifice, as he is about to die anyway. She fights her off, but too slowly; they lose their chance to make it out of the tunnel in time. As the tunnel starts to close, Bec uses her magic to force Bran to use his running skills to escape.

The tunnel closes and Lord Loss appears to her, revealing that closing the tunnel makes no difference, and that he has been walking the earth for hundreds of years before this tunnel was opened. In the last sentences of the book she is trapped in the tunnel, being brutally torn apart by the demons. Presumably, the only survivor of the group of warriors is Bran.


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Edit Dark Calling reveals that both the Old Creatures and the Demonata are creatures of the original universe which preceded the two universes in the series. This universe was structured like a chessboard ; it consisted of sixty-four squares, half of them White and half of them black, each square containing infinite space within. The Demonata inhabited the white squares, the Old Creatures the black; the different zones were kept separate by a force which the Old Creatures called the Kah-Gash. While the Demonata were capable of reproduction, the Old Creatures were sterile, but this did not bother them; since time did not exist in the original universe, everything therein was ageless and immortal. They can still get killed. Originally, the peaceful Old Creatures contented themselves with exploring their realms, undisturbed. The Old Creatures and the Demonata were unaware of each other, and it is stated that they were never intended to mix.


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Recommends it for: People into the YA Horror genre Recommended to Sita by: My Lovely American Friend Cam Shelves: own , paranormal , favourites , young-adult , reviewed Before I give the review let me just start by saying that Darren Shan is one of my all time favourite authors and I am not a huge fan of horror, his writing, characters and plots just captivate me and keep me reading. I recommend all of his books. But this has to be one of my favourites in the Demonata series. There were evil ones and good ones; youd think it would be as simple as that, but no. In most books, its black and white.

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