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You can activate the following you lower the heating for an adjustable period regardless of functions: the set heating programme.

Press the special function button twice and the energy-saving symbol Display Page Info Level 4 Operation Display Required steps Info level Holiday function Press the info button to access the info The holiday function deactivates the weather compensator, but not level.

The info symbol appears in the dis- the frost protection function. The play as soon as you open the info level. Page Vaillant Warranty Vaillant warranty - The set room temperature if the tem- perature level function is not activated e. TEMP ECO Page Recycling And Disposal 6 Recycling and disposal Recycling and disposal Neither the weather compensator or any of its accessories belong in the household waste.

Make sure the old con- trol and any accessories are disposed of properly. Operating Manual for VRC weather compensator Page Installation Manual The CE label shows that the VRC event of improper use or use for which it weather compensator, when connected is not intended.

Page Safety Instructions And Regulations 7 Information on installation and operation, 8 Safety instructions and regulations Safety instructions and hot water system or circulation pump regulations according to weather conditions, time and location, in connection with a Vail- lant boiler with an eBUS. The control must be installed by an Any other use or extended use is consid- approved company specialised in heating ered to be improper. Page Safety Instructions Safety instructions and regulations 8 Safety instructions Regulations All wiring must be in accordance with Danger!

Building Regulations Part P, current IEE Risk of fatal electric shock from regulations, and all other relevant regu- touching live connections.

Page Installation 8 Safety instructions and regulations, 9 Installation The controller may only be installed in screen and to push the controller into dry rooms. Installation Wall mounting The VRC weather compensator is The weather compensator can be alter- designed so that it can be used as a nately integrated in the boiler or e.

Page 29 Installation 9 air, unhindered by furniture, curtains or other objects. In the room where the controller is installed, all radiator valves must be fully open when using room modulation. The connection to the boiler is a 2-core bus cable eBus , see fig. Page 31 Installation 9 The location should not be protected from the wind, nor particularly exposed and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The device must be at least 1 m away from any opening in the outer wall, from which warm air can either continu- ously or occasionally issue.

Page 32 9 Installation Caution! There is a risk of the wall and control becoming wet. Lay the cables properly and carefully to ensure that the out- door sensor and the building are not damaged by water. The control must be fixed to the wall in the correct position, as shown in fig. Do not remove the jumper between ter- If the weather compensator is integrated minals 3 and 4 on the boiler.

Page Start-up Electrical installation 10, Start-up 11 Start-up Certain system parameters have to be set in order for them to best suit the actual conditions.

These system parame- ters are all together in the intaller level and should only be set by the heating engineer. Adjustment range: Page 38 11 Start-up Display Setting by turning the dial Display Setting by turning the dial Minimum temperature Outside temperature shut- foot point down threshold Adjustment range Shurtdown temperature for The burner on the P button for 3 boiler starts up and the pump starts only up to the maxi- seconds mum flow temperature of the boiler.

This manual is also suitable for:.


Vaillant VRC 400 Operating And Installation Manual



Vaillant calorMATIC 400


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