When it comes to Java examples, it is a bit lacking, especially when it comes to ORM. A realistic book, with realistic topics. I have no idea what the reader before me was claiming. But rather than attempting to solve it in a kindergarten way, it would be better to give pointers to actual products. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. What is Iteration Timeboxing?

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Aside from that, I believe I learned something new. This is a big, college-text-style book. It might better use the book more as a school text - read a couple chapters, consciously apply that material at work, repeat. As for content - this is pretty good stuff. Yes, it covers much more than "just" OO. You are asked to put together programs to solve problems as you see fit. You grow in areas dependent on your environment and initiative but most likely on happenstance.

Constrast with landing a job at a company that has its act together with a mature development environment, effective practices and structure, etc. People are indoctrinated into "the way" i. You grow in a guided path along what has worked here, and would probably be useful elsewhere as well. However I wanted to add a review to encourage people in ux design to read it.

It is complex. Also as a system for defining software models and requirements it is an excellent system. And learning Object-oriented design is fun. I was rereading some sections this morning for a I must admit I am reviewing a book I read in graduate school. I was rereading some sections this morning for a project; and it will be a life saver.

These are topics to which entire books were dedicated. What youll find here will only scratch the surface of each without going into deep discussions. If you are new to object oriented programming or software development in general this book is a great starting point.

If you are already familiar with the subjects and have some oop, iterative development experience then consider this book to polish your knowledge and fill the gaps.

But if you are on the other end of the scale and feel confident about the topics and been developing for quite some time there is nothing new here. I am of the second group and found the material helpful. The only issue i see is the usage of Unified Process as an iterative approach. Your chances to put the unified process knowledge to use is very slim in a Scrum world. This is "introductary" book but it would be useful not only for graduates, there is a tons of useful advices that would be helpful for everyone - starting from junior dev to mature senior guy who already forgot the basics.

Maybe a bit more focus would have been better. Still, a decent book and well usable as a textbook for OO


UML 2 et les Design Patterns de Craig Larman (Pearson Education)



UML et les Design Patterns - Craig Larman


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