Fungsi dari ADC adalah untuk mengubah data analog menjadi data digital yang nantinya akan masuk ke suatu komponen digital yaitu mikrokontroller AT89S Besarnya tegangan referensi ini adalah setengah dari tegangan input maksimal. Hal ini bertujuan agar pada saat inputan maksimal data digital juga akan maksimal. Read adalah inputan yang digunakan untuk membaca data digital hasil konversi yang aktif pada kondisi logika low. Write berfungsi untuk melakukan start konversi ADC diaktifkan pada kondisi logika low. Instruksi berfungsi untuk mendeteksi apakah konversi telah selesai atau tidak, jika sudah selesai maka pin instruksi akan mengeluarkan logika low.

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The chip used to be popular a decade ago and its applications used to be many but at present there are many modern IC which can perform DAC with higher resolution, speed and efficiency. So this device is mainly used for reference and beginner applications and nothing more. How to use DAC IC A typical application circuit for DAC is already given in the datasheet and we can use that circuit to develop applications without worry as the circuit is tested working. This is a major drawback which is eliminated in modern DAC to make them work from a single power source.

Working The device takes in parallel 8 bit data from a microcontroller or microprocessor and converts that data in to analog signal at the output. And the analog output from DAC is a current quantity and this needed to be converted in to voltage parameter for using in application easily.

So to convert the current parameter in to voltage parameter we will use op-amp circuit as shown in circuit diagram. This op-amp circuit is called current-to-voltage converter. The output analog voltage from op-amp is in linear relation with input digital value and hence DAC conversion with DAC is achieved. Similarly you can also use other application circuits for DAC given in the datasheet.


DAC0808 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter IC

We will also see the sinewave generation using DAC. The Digital to Analog converter DAC is a device, that is widely used for converting digital pulses to analog signals. There are two methods of converting digital signals to analog signals. This method can achieve a much higher degree of precision. DACs are judged by its resolution.


DAC0808 CMOS Convertidor Digital Analógico 8 Bit


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