There are more than a few moments where you may hear classical influences at work, but there are also subtle moments of jazz and, of course, plenty of mellow new age melodicism, too. I just love the opening title track which has a "dark" side to it, but not dark in a menacing way, more in a rich and nuanced fashion, where Nevue walks the line between wistfulness and romanticism. Nicely done! The refrain is particularly enjoyable on this song.

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Cart: 0 Items Testimonials The below testimonials are not included here to brag or boast, but simply to illustrate how profoundly we can each touch the lives of others when we put the gifts God has given us to use. It is what God made me for, and it is one of the purest joys of my life. If I could choose music to express my soul and faith, I would choose your music to represent that.

I am not an accomplished piano player by any means, but I play your songs just because they are a joy to play, to listen to, and to praise God with. Your music gives me comfort, inspiration, and joy. I especially am finding it incredibly comforting at this time with all that is happening in the world.

I want to thank you for your music, your gift, and your wonderful expression of emotion, love, faith, and God. Then as technology progressed I was diagnosed with a mental disorder a few years ago. But even before then You have saved my life quite a few times Just wanted to say a big thank you for the past 12 years of your music and gift to me. An eighth grader played by memory, Twister for the 8th grade musical review and dedicated it to me, a sweet generational crossover, made possible through your music I recently brought in a very fine pianist, to hear my student play Twister just to expose him to it, and he got excited as well.

I wanted to write you about the inspiration your music has provided our family. I own some of your albums and sheet music I never really thought of myself as a composer or really even thought about writing music After that concert I was inspired to try to write.

I have created several songs My oldest son has learned all my songs and plays them from memory on the piano all the time. I even performed one of my songs at my mother-in-laws church this past weekend. I wanted to thank you for your music and your inspiration. Sometime, when I have more songs written, I am going to learn about getting them professionally recorded. My 30s dealing with chronic illness.

Now in my 40s I am home bound. Your music came up today on Pandora. It reached through my pain and touched my soul. Seems like God reaches down every so often, and touches me.

Letting me know He knows and has not forgotten me. So thanks for being the tool for my blessings. I wanted to share a quick update on some of the fruit of that concert. Our son Ethan fell in love with Big Snow in Salzburg that night. We purchased the CD and sheet music and he began to learn the piece. In March I learned of an opportunity in our city for children ages to participate in a talent show.

He is thrilled and we are blessed that this anointed music will be played in a public setting. With all that I have seen and experienced, your music enables a sense of calm from the daily chaos She played it for him Christmas morning, and it is his favorite gift of all time.

Whenever she is home on a visit, she plays it for him. The next year, she learned "Words Left Unsaid" and again had her father in tears. Thanks for the gifts! My whole life, my grandparents have taken me to church on a weekly basis, but never really kept teaching me lessons out side of school.

I have struggled my whole life. In elementary school, my two oler siblings were the cool kids, so I was always picked on by them and the rest of the school. In junior high, I started experiementing with drugs and alcohol after my mom got custody of me I stopped going to church all together for a year and a couple months I renewed my faith in God after one of my youth leaders rightfully led me to Christ, and its been an uphill battle since.

I have been to Peru on a missions trip, which changed my whole outlook on life; but I have applied and been rejected for Bible college; been shoved away by my christian peers and been judged for things long in my past that I have already recognized and been forgiven for.

Which brings me to your music. I have been listening to your music for about six months now, and it is truly inspirational. I heard it when I put on a piano station on Pandora radio. I wrote down that song and your name and found out you are a Christian, which made me cry even more. God has been keeping me faithful for years, even in my darkest times by putting christians in my life without me knowing it.

Your music has truly inspired me to work towards being more like God, and to find my purpose, and my talents He gave to me to glorify Him. Thank you for being the light on my path to darkness, guiding me out. I thank God every day for your music. It has truly been a blessing. My life may be hard now, but I know now that God will always help those who ask for it.

Thank you again! Same with my music. I listen to everything. It seems I do my absolute best, raw emotional writing when I have your music playing. Every song sits in my iTunes folder.

When I am suffering from writers block or just when I need or feel like writing I play your music over and over. When I do that the words just seem to fall out of the pen onto the paper. I have spent countless hours with your music wtiting until my hand went numb and my eyes burned.

I wanna say I just may owe part of my current and future career to you. As stated above if I can feel it, then it is worth listening to. I believe this is why it is so easy to write when I am listening to it, because I feel it, not just hear it. I just wanted to thank you so very much for sharing your gift with the world and thank you even more for what you have brought to my life.

Many, Many Blessing, My Friend. As a child growing up in rural middle Tennessee, my mother made sure my siblings and I were in church on Sunday mornings Now, some forty years later, my siblings and I are taking shifts staying with Mother Your Hymns CD is playing softly in her home this bright autumn Sunday afternoon as she naps.

Earlier today she said she liked having the music playing I set the player to shuffle and repeat. A week ago today and 11 days short of the one year anniversery of his son my nephew death; my brother his father passed away. You have carried my family through 4 deaths an almost fatal fall mine in the last 3 years. I thank God above for your talent. His song saved my life.

No, not physically. I was pulled, dragged rather, out of my dark place. It made me feel like I could do anything, and that I knew I would get through this. I knew there would be some scars an pain, but I would overcome. I would be okay.

So thank you. Thank you for saving me. How lovely to wake up the family with "Big Snow in Salzburg! We thank God for blessing us with this new gift of vision and encouragement.

Their daughter lives there and is pregnant with her first child. This past Saturday was my last Saturday evening to play for them so I played "A Tiny Heartbeat" as the offertory and had written them a note before the service as to what I was playing and that a tiny heartbeat was calling them to use their gifts and graces in Florida. I had told him that when I was finished playing he could tell the rest of the congregation what I played and why. When I finished there was dead silence in the church and I had tears in my eyes and kept looking at that beautiful stained glass window down front and waiting for him to speak, which took awhile.

He had a hard time talking. Beautiful piece that touched everyone there! Thank you so much. I have played Awakenings over and over every night to sleep.

Your talent has made this stay tolerable. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and lungs! It lifts my heart up out of the darkness.





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