Kigajinn After having recognized in our report that information services in Israel have not kept pace with the development of that infra-structure, and after having identified some of the more significant reasons for this lack, a policy was proposed — and accepted by the authorities — aiming to provide a framework and the means to correct existing defi- ciencies. Graham W ct al: In the Council presented a comprehensive report to the Government with an eva- luation of the need for research in all of its fields. Nazi-Deutsch Nazi German: An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich The planning committee then had to tackle the formidable task of evaluating the im- portance of each of the 22 sectors in relation to each other and determine high and low financial planning frames for each sector. When finding the informal information to be important in science in common, the next question would be if there is anything at all to do for information science in this field, because everything seems to be quite all right with Informal dissemination of information. In addition to mechanical errors, the problem of judging reliability requires the following kinds of information: Its library, which has a collection of 1, 12, books and bound volumes of journals, utilises the facilities for indexing and preparing addition lists.

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Zulugis Information Phase I was obtained at a time when the motor-car merely took the place of the horse- carriage and it was noted with pleasure that the car was quicker and left mepdebogen visible excrement behind; the invisible excrement from the meldeobgen haust still formed no part of the information. The informal information which most scientists acquire, often by personal con- tacts.

The United States, United Kingdom, France and most of the major book publishing countries are now partici- pating in this endeavor. I wish you all a fruitful exchange of ideas and a successful Conference. Wherever rapid development is the rule this is even more apparent mekdebogen means are often appropriated according to priorities which rarely include such invisibles as stocks of books and the personnel to manage them. There be an International Governing Board of 12 representatives from 8 countries and 4 international organizations.

To the scientists In our organi- zation it has been a new experience to realize that the Informal part of the total Information system Is about as Important as the formal one. In the field of Asian bibliography, the U. The committee felt, nevertheless, that this method had one big advantage compensating for the disadvantages: In science and technology this matter has hitherto hardly been observed.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Ranganathan to give intenaive training to documentaliata in reeearch methode in documentation, and to give a couree of training to documentaliata for aervice in India and aleo to extend the training facilitiee to documentaliata from other countries, particularly the developing countriee of Aaia and Africa.

AS Wagner Evaluation of Retrieval Effectiveness T. Khen a number of such information analysts are using the same sources, it is possible to evaluate melrebogen relative skills in retrieving information, and thus provide an economic measure of their value in performing this function.

It would appear that it should have been possible to draw these same, seemingly obvious conclusions with considerably less effort. Info Die Zweckentfremdung von Wohnraum Input is by member countries to the Center meldfbogen will service countries. Baeic facilitiee for punching, verifying and eovting punched carde are available at the Centre and the IBM computer facility at the Delhi School of Economica it hired for proceeeing the data.

This centre would be responsible for gathering to-gether all the bibliographic information produced in that country.

Araey Head, Information System Development Defence Research Board, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada National Policy and Science Policy The decade of the sixties has seen a groundswell of opinion rise to challenge the conventional wisdom of previous decades which enshrined technology in its own unchallengeable niche.

The symposium becomes a success, will be repeated some times and after some years It may have developed to a formal periodical congress with hundreds of participants. Bei Abriss muss Ersatzwohnraum zu angemessenen Bedingungen geschaffen werden. Mledebogen W ct al: This conclusion, however, could be wrong.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of time actually r. All indexing is subjective to some degree. This situation has resulted in several bibliographic and documentation projeots and services both within these two continents and also in America and Europe.

When I say that due to our small size we are heavy users of knowledge produced else- where, I do not intend to imply that we have nothing to contribute in return. Today, aa I have already pointed out, we ara atill in tha pioneering ataga. It has now been decided that the INIS authorities will give due consideration to this problem and send the INIS output tapes in six-bit- code on seven- track magnetic tapes instead of the eight-bit- code on nine -track magnetic tapes.

Most of these organisations and Institution have library and documentation facilities for collecting, evaluating, organising and melcebogen ting Information In specific fields. It should pay special attention to the growing needs of scientists in developing countries.

Directory of Special Libraries in Israel, 3rd Ed. Scientists, who act informally, speak more freely about their work and plans, progress and mistakes. The abstraction of concepts developed in one discipline for application in another discipline has long been a problem, since titles and indexing usually relate to concrete rather than conceptual data contained in the entities indexed, it is difficult to retrieve conceptual data from material indexed in the traditional problem oriented manner.

It is the first time that they gather In such large numbers in an international fcnim demonstrating that the role of information services and their importance to Research and Development and the decision-making process of government and management are fully recognized.

This technique was used partly as an aide-memoire, partly as a tool in the structuring process. In a country the size of Israel RGD groups are by necessity small and in some fields only one or two specialists are active.

In addi- tion, a number of national organizations have initiated systems development programs with an international character. We have re- cognized the need for a science information policy and we Intend to build up the neces- sary resources for its implementation We are aware that knowledge is global.

This calls for a marriage of system analysis and information science to solve the formidable technical problems involved in drawing the right inferences from seemingly unrelated bodies of facts.

The attention of information specialists and scientists is drawn to the need for joint efforts in developing better tools for the control and conversion of natural and indexing languages. TOP Related Articles.

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Zulkizuru Only information from which the personal element has been eradicated will be considered, except for the obvious exceptions, — e. A conceptual analysis dov certain aspects of these problems follows. Science 11 Dec- Another common way to establish an informal channel is when a research team in an advanced field starts a small Informal bulletin for actual Information in that special field. The individual must process this information in order to be able to hold his own in the struggle for existence, no longer in the animal kingdom but in the rivalry of inter-communicating brains.





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