Also some flickering effect in my mind. I have had psoriasis skin desease and arthritis in years now, but I really feel that I have found a effective solution for this. I also could see a pulsating ball of light which changed from purple to green. LizScotland I felt the energies instantly.

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Also some flickering effect in my mind. I have had psoriasis skin desease and arthritis in years now, but I really feel that I have found a effective solution for this. I also could see a pulsating ball of light which changed from purple to green. LizScotland I felt the energies instantly.

It was a smooth and cold flow of white golden light that activated my third eye chakra. As it moved in there was heaviness and feeling of cold in the throat chakra. Palms still feel the vibrations. I drifted into a quick meditation. Lush green open fields well guarded by mountains as far as my eyes could reach out. Felt myself walking on moist grass bare feet, upon looking around I saw the most amazing sight.

The… SumaMumbai I have been working with the Archangels that was really different for me and quite lovely. The dragon and Lion reiki was so fun and I also have enjoyed working with that energy. I have always resonated with dragons as they are my mythical spirit animal…Black panther and Elephant are my guides and totem animals… GeorgiaAustralia I have called in my attunements last week and received immensely beautiful visions of colour that brought with them a calming, cleansing energy during the meditation.

I am blessed with the crystal skull energies and have been very connected to carved skulls for years but not realised why until I met you. It was a lovely experience, beautiful light and energies. I am grateful for this gift and for this beautiful healing tool. KikiPortugal I feel blessed by the attunements. The grandmother moon wrapped me in his light. With the golden ankh, I could open a door to a prosperous future.

And the amulets of Kemet gave me a lot of strength. Thank u very much. SandraSpain I received the chi ball attunements this afternoon, between noon and 1pm. A truly great experience. I called in guides after I did a Hatsurei. For every new ball it was an intense light building around me, and it tickled inside all of me, head to toes. I could also feel the chakras working and there was a spirit there the whole time, working on my crown and third eye.

At times my brain was bulging and the temple chakras went mad and as I got into it SiriHerts. I felt the energies instantly. The… SumaMumbai The energies are so amazing. For the first attunement, immediately I called in the energy I felt tingling on my third eye chakra and later a rush of electric energy through my whole body after which I fell asleep. For the Master, I have not much to say because I slept off but felt exhausted after waking.


7 Rays Of Elohim – 1st Ray Hercules & Amazonia|

The human mind in its current state is going through a tremendous change, it is being flooded with layers of new light codes to activate information, to plant new seeds of thoughts and to assist their evolutionary state as the fifth dimension becomes into the physicality of the planet. Much work is being done in the various realms for this planet in order to help humanity and there are people that have incarnated on this planet to help the planet, help humanity or the plant life in order to prepare the planet to shift into a higher vibration of living. With the large amount of energy work that is going through the human mind, releasing of past issues, the density of karma, there is in fact resistance and one may not be able to transcend the negative programming that has been so engrained into the DNA of humanity. After the fall of Atlantis, the minds of humanity were still clear, in other words, they had not been influenced by the negative consciousness layers that began to infiltrate the planet. The negative thoughts, the lust for power, the control, material possessions, it all began to create chaos in the system of things.


Grace, Purity and Rapture Elohim LightWorker Attunement

Are you finding yourself in situations of duality? Are you seeing number synchronicity such as: — , 2, , ? If you have been looking for the key or way forward to reaching your next level of spiritual growth, this particular attunement is for you. If so, the Elohim angelic realm are callling you and trying to tell you that you are experiencing a powerful spiritual new dawning, one where you are releasing the lower 3D physical energy influences and embracing the higher cosmic crystalline frequencies. This particular attunement will help you to be more attuned with the Elohim so they can help you absorb new light codes to help you release emotional energy imprints which are blocking you from your full potential.


Elohim Initiation

Sit in meditation call forth and go to the Golden Chamber of Lord Melchizedek and sit in the ascension seats to get plugged into the universal current. After achieving a deep state of relaxation and attunement, call forth the seven Might Elohim and the Council of Elohim. Call forth first an ascension blessing from the first-ray Elohim Masters, Hercules and Amazonia. Call forth a second-ray Elohim Ascension blessing from Appolo and Lumina. Call forth a third-ray ascension blessing and activation from Heros and Amora. Call forth a fourth-ray ascension blessing and ascension blessing and activation from Purity and Astrea. Call forth a fifth-ray ascension blessing and activation from Cyclopia and Virginia.


5D Opening – The Elohim Energy Healing Attunement

Yogor Chanting in itself is attunemetn very powerful Spiritual practice. These 9 chakras connect with the Earth version of the Spiritual Hierarchy. She exposes you to many different healing modalities, educates you on each Chakra, and delves into the chakra archetypes. Ascension for Beginners — free articles, 25 mini-courses and 25 meditations for newcomers on the Spiritual path: Dr Joshua David Stone was one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. Bring to class a journal or notebook and an epohim of what you wish to manifest. It also allows you to connect with the Angelic Beings in the Earth and their healing energies. The magical realm of sacred geometry expresses itself eolhim the beautiful patterns of creation.

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