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Fera The relatively low dosage of this drug facilitates the rather complex dosage form design. Systems geomarix as multilayered tablets and other geometrically altered devices have been created to perform this function.

Multilayered Floatable Drug Delivery Systems A study that was conducted by Fassihi and co-workers investigated zero-order release kinetics from a self-correcting floatable asymmetric configuration drug delivery system.

The tablet demonstrated success in delivering nifedipine at a relatively constant rate for 24 hours [ 94 ]. Comparative evaluation of various structures in polymer controlled drug delivery systems and the effect of their morphology and characteristics on drug release. The device was also coated with a poly vinylpyrrolidone — vinyl acetate copolymer that partially or completely surrounded the semipermeable membrane and covered the passageway in the same manner as a plug.

In the first type, the two barrier layers were hydrophilic, in the second type, one of the barriers was hydrophobic while technoology other was hydrophilic and in the third type, the two barrier layers were both hydrophobic [ 65 ]. The system was comprised of a swellable, asymmetric triple-layered tablet that was also floatable so as to increase the gastric retention time of the system.

The mini-tablets were compressed within an outer filling that was composed of MC Avicel PH that filled the space between the minitablets, this outer filling provided rapid drug release while the minitablets provided prolonged release [ 88 ]. A similar device patented by Fanner and co-workers consisted of a core was surrounded by a semipermeable membrane Teechnology 8 that consisted of cellulose acetate esters and poly ethylene glycol PEG and contained a preformed passageway [ 95 ].

Triple-layered tablet with core layer having a specific shape different to that of the outer layers. In general, the mechanisms by which polymers perform their functions are by erosion [ 56 ], dissolution and swelling [ 57 ]. Introduction Modified or controlled release technoloogy drug delivery systems have, over the last few decades, been shown to offer advantages over conventional systems [ 1 — 6 ].

Kinetic modeling on drug release from controlled drug delivery systems. Hydrophilic absorbable copolyester exhibiting zero-order drug release. Design and evaluation of a novel matrix type multiple units as biphasic gastroretentive drug delivery systems. Core-in-cup devices Disc-shaped core compression coated on one surface and circumference to form a cup around it. Mutilayered systems bilayered, triple-layered, quadruple-layered, etc. Upon employing HPMC as a barrier layer, the layer swelled concurrently with the core tablet, merging the core surfaces thereby enveloping part of the core, which resulted in the limiting of drug transport through the barriers [ 40 ].

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The tablets consisted of three layers that were prepared by compressing polymers which were either natural or semi-synthetic onto the sides of the drug core. This type of drug release does not allow for appropriate plasma drug level balance. Further research that focuses on the use of novel specialized polymers that are competent in providing zero-order drug release is necessary.

Iontophoretic delivery of peptide drugs. The technology proved to have potential benefits in terms of providing flexible drug release by increasing the amount of modules in an arrangement.

It was also found that the drug release characteristics depended on the stirring rate and hole size [ 45 ]. Compressed mini-tablet as a biphasic delivery system. Geomateix the past, polymers that were mainly employed for such purposes were the hydropolymers [ 40 ], while currently polymers investigated range from swollen and non-swollen [ ], porous and non-porous [ 52 — 54 ] to erodible or non-erodible polymers [ ].

Buflomedyl pyridoxal phosphate BPP was the model drug used in the study. This system does not require specialized laser drills to form the orifices, thus reducing manufacturing costs.

The studies have also tecgnology insight on what strategies need to be considered for further application. A novel approach for rate-controlled oral drug delivery.

Recent pharmaceutical research has focused on controlled drug delivery having an advantage over conventional methods. With the appropriate selection of polymer matrices and specialized geometries, these systems could be used to deliver more drugs in a more controlled manner for adequate time periods. By manipulating the grade, quantity and exposed surface area of any hydrophilic polymer or mixture of polymers that erode constantly over time, the core-in-cup compressed tablet is able to deliver a constant amount of drug over time [ 99 ].

The tablets were also assessed for their reproducibility. It was geomxtrix to this reason that Kim, decided to undertake a study on coated donut-shaped tablets for parabolic and linear drug release.

A simple equation for the description of solute release: It has been demonstrated that bimodal drug release may also be necessary when a non-uniform drug release rate is desired [ 69 ]. Various arrangements of modules to form different structures Arrangement geomahrix modules, type of polymeric material used. Formulation study and evaluation of matrix and three-layer tablet sustained drug delivery systems based on carbopols with isosorbide mononitrate.

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Arashikazahn Ethylcellulose and hypromellose act as release modifiers for this water-soluble drug. We take care to continuously monitor and evaluate our capabilities to identify new challenges and avenues for improvement. The core layer contained theophylline while the outer layers were composed of polymers and excipients in order to delay the interaction of the core layer with water, thereby delaying and controlling the drug release. A study that was conducted by Fassihi and co-workers investigated zero-order release kinetics from a self-correcting floatable asymmetric configuration drug delivery system. Namdeo expressed that multilayered tablets have demonstrated promise, possessing various benefits, namely the ability to prevent interactions between drugs and excipients; and yeomatrix providing an array of release profiles in one delivery system of either the same or different drugs, treatment for conditions that require a regimen of more than one drug, immediate drug release using a disintegrating monolithic matrix in order to achieve an initial peak in plasma drug level, delayed drug release using an eroding monolithic matrix which may deliver another active drug to a different part of the gastrointestinal tract, providing controlled drug release instituting a swellable monolithic matrix and better control and regulation of release profiles by retarding initial burst release and achieving zero-order kinetics [ 64 ].




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