Kazuru The Bergers have 3 daughters. I really missed my Amish story. A simple life of living. The hero was the absolute sweetest and really everything about the Berger family was wonderful. One thing fath did not change, the prose. May 30, Sally Harper rated it it was amazing.

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What did I think?? I have been following this author forever and was chomping at the bit for the story to publish. I loved the story so much I wanted to hug everyone around me!

And yes, this is a dreaded P2P, but you know what I know this story. I never get bored with it. It was one of the best stories posted But if you are a fencer like I was, Healing Faith is not to be missed! Jennyfer Browne did an amazing job of reworking her story. On a sidebar, the author self published and the formatting was perfect!! That in itself is worth mentioning.

Kudos JB. It is the same story but not the same story. There were significant changes made to the story. The family dynamic is not the same. The mom has passed away, there is an older sister, and the father is a city councilman. There is also the addition of a sister in the adoptive family. These changes alone changed the characterizations and overall feel of the story. There were large chunks of the story removed and some new material added. The characterizations were beefed up and broadened.

One thing that did not change, the prose. The story is extremely well written, engaging, entertaining, loaded with emotions, drama, and a flow that you just sail along with.

And even though this is a trilogy, book 1 ended smoothly and evenly. Again, kudos JB. The story is about Kate who is fleeing for her life from her abusive boyfriend. Her sister Stacey is away at school in Chicago and has offered her refuge. On her way to her sister, the bus breaks down in rural Iowa, near an Amish community. Kate escapes in the back of an Amish buggy and is offered sanctuary by the family.

The family grows to love Kate and Kate them. It is the first time Kate has felt at peace and truly belonged. The first time she has felt deserving of love and kindness.

Then she meets Nathan. Oh Nathan. He has lost his faith and way. His entire family passed away suddenly of sickness why he was away at missionary school with the Bishop. He struggles to find meaning She is a forbidden fruit, an English and not of his world. But the attraction is instant and they are soon drawn together. Boy meet girl. Instant attraction.

Forbidden love. Us against the world. But it is so much more than "that" story line. It just oozes emotion and feelings. I found myself completely absorbed by these two and their day to day interactions.

Their courtship was very sweet. I hung on every word and found myself imitating his gentle voice in my mind as I was reading. Yep, I could hear him speaking to me. There were little touches here and there tempting them both, some in the community felt Kate would lead Nathan astray and away from their way, mainly the Bishop.

And there was still Sean on the lose and relentlessly hunting down Kate. Definitely some action interwoven. This was a story about love, acceptance, finding ones way, and becoming a part of a greater good in their world. It is a definite must read for the summer! ARC was provided by the author after I relentlessly stalked her. Now for Book 2 Jennyfer!!!


Healing Faith



Healing Faith


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